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1route Video/Audio/Data/Ethernet Digital Fiber Optic Transceivers

1route Video/Audio/Data/Ethernet Digital Fiber Optic Transceivers

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Product Specifications
  • Application Area:

    Large scale monitoring system;

    High quality broadcast level video transmission system;

    Urban road transportation monitoring system;

    Highway monitoring system;

    production process monitoring system of industry, coal mine, etc;

    public security monitoring system of "Peace city".

    Functions and features:

    Single fiber transmit 1route digital, uncompressed video;

    10-bit broadcast level sampling video,10Mhz bandwidth, SNR >67dB;;

    Video transmiting standard exceeds the ELA RS-250C demand of short distance video transmission;

    Compatible systems: accepted by CCIR, such as NTSC, PAL or SECAM;

    Max Transmission distance: 100KM by single mode fiber;

    Gain control on the receiving end;

    Full surface-mount technology (SMT), industrial grade design, and high reliablity;

    No EMI, No RFI, and No earth current;

    Plug and Play, support hot plugging, do not need to install and debug;

    Stand alone type and plug-in type are available;

    With advanced network management function;

    Triple lightening protection, comply with IEC61000-4-5(2008) test standard.