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Infinite Prime Broadband
Infinite Prime Broadband
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  • Secure TCP/IP Connectivity Infinite Prime Broadband offers secure TCP/IP network connectivity, providing high-speed event reporting via a broadband interface. The Electronics Line Application Server (ELAS) handles all communication between the system, service providers and web users enabling monitoring and control to be performed via the web. Backup communication is provided by an on-board PSTN dialer and the GSM cellular communications module. Dedicated Application Server Infinite Prime Broadband operates with the Electronics Line 3000 Application Server (ELAS), a fully redundant 24/7 dedicated application server. The ELAS is the central component of a virtual network which connects end users, service providers and monitoring stations to control panels while managing all data transactions. This dedicated server ensures a high level of secure IP communications while routing information according to pre-defined parameters. All transactions are indirect and managed through the ELAS, while control panels respond only to recognized application servers using high-level encryption and enhanced authentication methods including SSL3 supported by all IIS modules. In conjunction with the Electronics Line Application Server (ELAS) and Proxy Server (ELPX) the system offers a unique service platform for the delivery of a wide array of revenue generating supplementary services, including device monitoring and control, medical monitoring, management, security and damage prevention. The ELAS also enables users and providers to benefit from a customizable web user interface which provides a platform for configuration, control and monitoring by end-users.