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ABL-D Series Active Photoelectric Detector
ABL-D Series Active Photoelectric Detector
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Product Specifications
  • 』 Wired system and bus system compatible, holographic spot real-time report

    』 Detachable dual systems, programmable multi-modes, 6 beams fence alarm mode or detecing mode

    』 Infrared transmitting and receiving mode: mutual-transmission and relay style for option

    』 Unique DSP chip, patented multi-dimensional mistake-corrective code, true detection alarm technology.

    』 Unique displacing receiving, transmitting parts with big power, power surplus rate reaches 90%

    』 Patented big-diameter coaxial aspherical lens with double focus

    』 Full function checking, self-adaption in environment and trouble locking

    』 Patented balanced checking, unique digital filtering, anti-close frequency up to IP85

    』 Adopts solid relay with long usage, non-contact, low voltage and little power consumption

    』 8 frequencies selectable