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"New" RCR-REX Dual Technology Request-to-exit Motion Sensor
"New" RCR-REX Dual Technology Request-to-exit Motion Sensor
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Product Specifications
  • The RCR-REX is a dual technology, request-to-exit sensor used for secure door egress and door access control. The sensor is immune to common attempts to defeat PIRs because both heat and physical motion are simultaneously required to triger the device. For maximum protection, adjust the radar so that the curtain is above the floor; objects slipped under the door will not activate the sensor, making it difficul to defeat.

    The sensor features two Form C output relay contacts, independent adjustment for the infrared PIR and the Range Controlled Radar, user-programmable lock relay activayion times with easy-to-change DIP switch settings, an LED indicator, and a tamper switch.