Product Profile
Enkoa iLOCK Electronic Locker

Enkoa iLOCK Electronic Locker

  • Supplier: Enkoa System
  • Region: Spain
  • Updated: 2013/06/06
Product Specifications
  • * Non contact opening with RFID cards or wristbands
    * Motorized lock: electronic locker is opened powered by a motor.
    * Stand alone system: no cabling required. Battery operated ( 4 year life battery) and level detection.
    * Easy to install: no qualified personnel required and low maintenance costs.
    * Connectivity: The electronic locker can have a wireless connection with the PC.
    * Flexibility: the system can be configured according to the installation needs, fixed locker, free lockers, groups…
    *Standard fixing points: electronic locker fixing points meet at 95% the mechanical locker's fixing points.
    * Integration: The electronic locker's software can be integrated with customer's software.
    *Multiapplication: it is possible to use the same carrier used in the electronic locker with several applications, such as access controls, payments...