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CBC C-AllView Thermal Camera
CBC C-AllView Thermal Camera
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Product Specifications
  • C-AllView cameras sit at the heart of all Ganz's advanced surveillance systems. They deliver pin-sharp images in the harshest situations, either stand-alone, in networks or in conjunction with thermal cameras, radar or infrared technologies.

    The C-AllView is rapidly becoming the standard for continuous rotation high-speed PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras. It has been adopted for a dazzling array of applications: from town centers to high security installations, from private residences to commercial surveillance.

    These cameras perform perfectly in the most challenging of environments. They are designed to resist scratching, vandalism, temperature extremes, oxidation, dust, water and solvents. Each C-AllView unit is cast from aluminum, before being hard anodized and powder-coated for added protection.

    Available with either 18x or 36x zoom, the C-AllView camera boasts distortion-free high-resolution optics to give the sharpest image possible. Its replaceable front window is made of toughened glass that will withstand substantial impacts – even from thrown objects. The built-in wiper clears away dirt and water, ensuring crystal-clear vision over long periods without any need for maintenance. Paired with infrared illuminators, the C-AllView also sees in the dark, switching between optical and infrared views automatically, depending on the brightness of the surroundings.