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HDR Hyper Wide Dynamic
HDR Hyper Wide Dynamic
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Product Specifications
  • . 1/3" SONY wide dynamic double speed CCD with470K/ 410K (PAL/ NTSC) pixels, 10 bit A/D digital signal processor (DSP)

    . SONY most advanced wide dynamic range technology 400:1

    . Highest dynamic range up to 52dB and real time video output 30fps

    . 8 Preset WD setting are available for various environment

    . Electronic frame integration from 2x~160x sense up

    . Advanced on screen display (OSD) control full functions

    . Versatile exposure system WD mode, flickless, normal auto iris

    . High sensitivity less than 0.07 lux (64x frame integration sense up)

    . Outstanding signal to noise ratio better than 50 dB

    . RS-232 remote control

    . Automatic internal/line lock switching

    . Isolated switching power 12V DC/ 24V AC, 100V~240V AC

    . Friendly back focus mechanical structure to adjust C/CS mount