Product Profile
Ingersoll Rand Nexia Security Bundle

Ingersoll Rand Nexia Security Bundle

  • Supplier: Ingersoll Rand
  • Region: United States of America
  • Updated: 2013/01/23
Product Specifications
  • A Nexia Security Bundle provides that extra assurance that your home and family are safe and secure when you're not there. Getting notified any time your loved ones come home. Seeing at a glance what's happening at home. Timing warm lights to fill an empty house with life. Nexia security features come together in a system you can manage and monitor from anywhere.

    Nexia Bridge is your system's workhorse, required to make Nexia Home Intelligence work. The Bridge connects all your Nexia products and—along with a Nexia subscription—allows you to remotely manage your home security and energy usage from the Internet.

    Installs in minutes, secures for years. Schlage has been the solid, reliable choice in security locks and deadbolts for over 90 years. With Nexia Home Intelligence and Schlage wireless locks, you control comings and goings—you don't even have to be there. Unlock doors from afar. Give codes to family members or one time entry to a repair man or guest. Monitor access. No key, no problem.

    Nexia Home Intelligence and Schlage Home Dimmer Module make it easy for you to control your plug-in lamps when you're not at home. Turn lights on or off—even dim them—on command or at scheduled times, all from the Internet with this simple plug-in component.

    Remotely monitor activities within your home while you're away. Know what your children are doing after school, what your dog is up to during the day, and other comings and goings. Watch live from the Internet or on the go from your smart phone.