Product Profile
Opgal EyeR 640 25u Thermal Imaging

Opgal EyeR 640 25u Thermal Imaging

  • Supplier: Opgal Optronics Industries
  • Region: Israel
  • Updated: 2012/10/25
Product Specifications
  • Opgal's EyeR 640 is a small sized, lightweight, TECLESS thermal imaging engine, based on a 640x480 pixels microbolometer detector. Tuned to the long wave infrared band together with a sensitivity of under 50 mk, the EyeR 640, provides state of the art DSP based image enhancement thermal imaging.

    * DSP based image processing
    * TECLESS operation (no Thermal Electrical Cooler is used) resulting in fast wake up and power consumption being independent of temperature.
    * Continuous Electronic Zoom Special image enhancement mode for improved detection capability
    * AutoFocus On Demand – built in algorithm for motorized lens control
    * User defined Region Of Interest (ROI)
    * Anti-blooming mechanism
    * OPTIMA - User-friendly interface software
    * Digital Video Output via LVDS (optional)
    * Engine control via communication protocol or discretes (optional)
    * Focus & FOV control through communication (optional)
    * User defined power up logo and graphics overlay
    * Recording up to 50 snap shots