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HP Series Hybrid DVR Cards
HP Series Hybrid DVR Cards
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Product Specifications
  • Integrate analog and IP cameras in one DVR system!

    Neugents HP Hybrid DVRs represent the latest innovation in digital video security. It offers real-time high quality live display and recording of up to 16 IP and 16 analog video channels. Neugents'' HP Hybrid DVRs are built on

    Linux and are perfect solutions for customers of todays digital world.


    -Integrate up to 16 IP cameras ad 16 analog cameras in one DVR

    -Complete DVR solution, including real-time display and recording and full-motion playback

    -Connect multiple remote sites and centralize camera management in one location

    -Integrate audio, sensor and relays devices to your surveillance solution

    -Dual speed fully hardwired MPEG4 compression


    # Linux O / S platform to provide optimized system performance

    # max total display rate of 960 fps (NTSC) / 800 fps (PAL)

    # max total recording rate of 960 / 800fps (30fps: 360X240 (NTSC) / 25fps: 360X288 (PAL) )

    # up to 16 Analog Cameras + 16 IP Cameras

    # alert on event (sensor / relay / motion detection) featuring email and SMS alerts

    # remote transmission via LAN and Internet RJ- 45 10 / 100 BaseT main connection; DHCP enabled; NTP time synchronization; up to 10 remote users simultaneously

    # up to 4 high-capacity, easily removed, internal IDE / SATA hard drives; Network Attached Storage supported through optional Giga-bit Ethernet PCI adaptor

    # backup to CD- R and DVD- R or external HDD

    # audit trail for start up, shutdown, remote access, web access, setup access and video signal loss

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