Product Profile
LCSI EE V2-BNC LAN Extender-Cable

LCSI EE V2-BNC LAN Extender-Cable

  • Supplier: LCSI Inc.
  • Region: Taiwan
  • Updated: 09/14/2010
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Product Specifications
  • EEV2-BNC is a cable LAN extender providing broadband transmission up to 100/60Mbps for downstream/upstream over coaxial cable for point-to-point Ethernet connectivity.

    With a 100/60 Mbps data rate, the EEV2-BNC series supports transmission distances of up to 984 feet and 30/10 Mbps for one-kilometer transmission distances. Users may also select a fixed data rate or a fixed SNR margin for different coaxial cable ranges. With “plug-n-play” features and minimum installation time, a pair of EEV2-BNC offers a cost-effective solution for bandwidth-hungry applications, such as video streaming and FTTB over a single coaxial cable.