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Fence Secure
Fence Secure
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Product Specifications
  • VibeWire piezoelectric sensor cable is applied to the structure being protected. Audible signals and vibrations generated during an attack are transmitted to the FenceSecure seismic analyser for detection. The analyser detection channels are programmed to detect, penetration, cutting, climbing or attempts to sabotage the system.


    * A reliable cost effective Fence Mounted Intruder Detection System

    * Complete monitoring of the perimeter

    * 24hr surveillance 365 days per year

    * Safety of staff and employees

    * Ability to deal with multiple incidents

    * Complete coverage of site (not just areas being patrolled)

    * Unaffected by movement within the protected area

    * Savings

    * No time off sick

    * Increased security

    * System does not sleep

    * Not susceptible to bribery