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RFID Reader module series RFM-001 / RFM-003 / RF-220 / RF-230
RFID Reader module series RFM-001 / RFM-003 / RF-220 / RF-230
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Product Specifications
  • Part Number: RFM-001 RFM-003 RF-220 RF-230

    RF Transmit Frequency: 125 KHz~13.56 MHz

    Supported Transponder:

    RFM-001:TI-RFID LF transponders

    RFM-003:125KHz ISORead Only

    RF-220:ISO14443A Compatible

    RF-230:ISO15693 Compatible

    Antenna inductance: 425 uH + 1 % Loop Antenna, 50 Ohm

    Max. Certified antenna size: 300mm ⊙ 300mm* 400mm ⊙ 400mm*

    Operating Temperature: 0 to + 85

    Storage Temperature: -10 to + 85

    Storage Humidity :5 ~ 97% non-condensing

    Power Supply: DC 5V ∮ 5%

    Power Consumption:

    RFM-001 RFM-003:20 mA (MAX.) in idle

    RF-220:30 mA in idle, 40 mA in operating

    RF-230:20 mA in idle(MAX.)

    Dimensions (Unit : mm)

    RFM-001 RFM-003 :25 x 20 x 10(L x W x H)

    RF-220:30 x 25 x 7.1(L x W x H)

    RF-230: 31 x 25 x 11(L x W x H)

    Weight:4g ∮ 1% 5g ∮ 1%

    *For reference only, reading range may decrease if using in conjunction with any antenna bigger than

    certified size; The actual reading range may vary in depends on environmental conditions, antenna

    tuning and transponder type;