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ZAT620 high speed dome
ZAT620 high speed dome
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    Explosion-proof sign: ExdⅡCT6/DIP A21 TA,T6

    Enclosure protection: IP67

    Atmospheric temperature: –40℃~+85℃

    Input voltage: 85VAC~265VAC 50Hz

    Power: ≤50W

    Outer dimension: φ250X330(H)

    Horizontal speed by hand-control: 0.1~40°/s

    Vertical speed by hand –control: 0.1~60°/s

    Preset highest speed: 80°/s

    Preset accuracy: ±0.1°

    Rotation angle: horizontal 0~360°continuously turning, vertical0~90°




    Pattern line-scan:1

    Model path: more than 200 orders

    Watching function: can use tour track, cruise, watch bit, and scanner and so on.

    Menu function: Chinese-English words video(optional)

    Control method: RS-485

    Output method: RS-485

    Communication agreement: Pelco-P、Pelco-D industry standard agreement and so on, baud rate (optional)

    Auto-turning: yes

    Thunder-proof: yes

    Atmospheric humidity: -45~60℃

    Relative humidity: <95%



    Cameral: SDM-100P10 times color to black camera