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36284/36299/36296 H.264 DVR
36284/36299/36296 H.264 DVR
  • Supplier: asmag
  • Region: Taiwan
  • Updated: 07/22/2008
  • Click Frequency: 1580
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Product Specifications
  • The DVR has strong networking (all control functions). Internet Explorer can connect a maximum of four DVRs with 64 channels easily via central management. In addition, the DVR sends alarm images to five user mailboxes by e-mail. It has good quality video and sound and provides intercom via Internet Explorer. The DVR also connects to high-speed domes, while offering menu ?? and PTZ control without keyboard. It can also prerecord images before sending alarms (one to 60 seconds)?F if signals are lost, it can prerecord (five seconds). Backup functions include USB and SD cards, DVD reading and writing, and video backup via Internet Explorer.