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HD-2166S3 DVR Board
HD-2166S3 DVR Board
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Product Specifications
  • The HD-2166S3 DVR board is an ultra-compact standalone DVR for our ODM customers who want to add video-recording capabilites to existing vehicles and equipment. The video and audio processing boards are combined into one single piece while the key controls board is attached as a separate piece. This allows for maximum flexibility when designing to incorporate the HD-2166S3 with existing equipment. This ultra-compact DVR easily fits into suitcases, handbags or even clothing, making it a must-have item for covert surveillance. The HD-2166S3 is ideal for industrial data collection equipment, vehicle (land, sea, air) instrumentation and monitoring equipment, and covert investigation activities.

    Other features include high resolution video (720x486 NTSC / 720x576 PAL) and audio recording, high frame rate recording (60fps NTSC / 50fps PAL), password protection, ultra-low power consumption (4.8W), 12V DC power supply, and much more!