Product Profile
DIGIOP Connect

DIGIOP Connect

  • Supplier: DIGIOP Technologies, Ltd
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2012/10/30
Product Specifications
  • DIGIOP Connect is a remote client that displays video and data intelligence on a single interface, enabling remote management of both single-site and multi-site systems. User interface lockout mode feature allows administrators to restrict access to DIGIOP Connect software, preventing unauthorized users to change settings or exit the software when it’s being used for local display.

    * Multiple monitor support allows users to dock and undock created system tabs with live or recorded video, and move them to another monitor. This intuitive dashboard provides almost limitless possibilities for how users can react with video and data.
    * Live & Playback – use zoom on live or recorded video
    * Works with Analog, IP & Megapixel Cameras – results are only limited by a camera’s resolution
    *Notifications are alerts that bring attention to events. Events can be everything from the system not recording, the system being offline, video loss from a camera to system loss.
    * DIGIOP Connect features powerful search tools such as thumbnail search, timeline search, replay search, digital zoom, allowing to quickly locate, save and export critical video and data intelligence.