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GPS Tracker
GPS Tracker
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Product Specifications
  • Main Functions:

    1. Point Location: Dial mobile phone number of the tracker and hang up, then you will receive a piece of short message about specific location;

    2. Tracking & Monitor: Dial mobile phone number of the tracker and hold on, the tracker will automatically be on the status of monitoring;

    3. Inquiry online Locate specific place or historical route playback by input member ID and password;

    4. SOS: This key is for emergency call

    Main Features:

    1. GSM: GSM900/1800 or GSM850/1900 adopted double frequency and compatible design, antenna switch adopted the type of double frequency, when changing SAWFILTER can realize the change from 900/1800MHZ to 850/1900MHZ.

    2. Interface Type: 5 Pin Mini USB, charge support, GPS NEMA information input, GSM module program download

    3. Module: GSM adopts GM06S module, GPM100 for GPS

    4. Dimension for whole: 80*40*15mm

    5. Indicator: Red, green and blue three colors LED lights, red for power, green for GSM work indicator and blue for GPS work

    6. Battery capacity: 970mAH adopted usual battery BL-5C

    7. Working time: larger than 4hours for continuous communication and power saving mode larger than 200hours

    8. MIC: the same as MIC of microphone

    9. Key Functions: two keys, on/off, SOS

    10. Soft download for GSM module: support 5 Pin Mini USB

    11. Built-in memory capacity: NorFlash+SDRAM 64M bit+16M bit

    12. Antenna type: GSM & GPS built-in antenna, support for external GPS antenna

    13. SMS: sending support and receiving special content

    14. SMS fan-out: sending support and receiving special content

    15. Monitor function supported


    Widely used for personal tracking, such as kids, seniors or old people; vehicle tracking or pet tracking; tracking online by Google Map; historical route playback; mileage statistics; emergency call; car monitor etc.

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