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DSP16411 Digital Signal Processor
DSP16411 Digital Signal Processor
  • Supplier: MFNE
  • Region: Taiwan
  • Updated: 12/04/2008
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Product Specifications
  • 1. Twin DSP16000 dual-MAC (multiply and accumulate) cores for high throughput:
        * 1140 MMACs (million multiply and accumulates) per second at 285 MHz
        * Dual 16-bit by 16-bit MACs per cycle per core 322K x 16 total on-chip RAM
    2. Centralized direct memory access unit (DMAU):
        * Transparent peripheral-to- memory and memory-to-memory transfers
        * Optimized utilization of DSP MIPS— Simplifies management of system data flow
    3. 32-bit system and external memory interface (SEMI) supports 16-bit or 32-bit synchronous or asynchronous memories
    4.16-bit parallel interface unit (PIU) with direct memory access (DMA) provides host access to all DSP memory
    5. Two enhanced serial I/O units (SIU0 and SIU1) with DMA:
        * Compatible with TDM highways such as E1/T1and ST-bus
        * Hardware support for μ-law and A-law companding
    6. Core messaging units (MGU0 and MGU1) for interprocessor communication
    7. On-chip, programmable, PLL clock synthesizer eliminates need for high-speed clock input
    8. Two 7-bit control I/O interfaces (BIOs) for increased flexibility and lower system costs
    9. Two IEEE 1149.1 test ports (JTAG boundary scan)
    10. Full-speed, in-circuit, emulation hardware on-chip for efficient application development
    11. Supported by DSP164XX software and hardware development tools
    12. Low power:
         * 1.2 V internal supply for power efficiency 
         * 3.3 V I/O pin supply for compatibility
    13. Small-footprint, 208-ball PBGA package (17 mm x 17 mm, 1.0 mm ball pitch)
    14. Code compatible with the DSP16210 and DSP16410 devices

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