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Research and Markets: Global Video Surveillance Driven by Commercial and Residential Markets
Research and Markets 2010/6/17

Research and Markets added the report "Global Electronic Surveillance Market 2009-2013" to its offering.

Research and Markets added the report "Global Electronic Surveillance Market 2009-2013" to its offering.

The electronic surveillance systems are devices and hardware used for surveillance, and accountability for security reasons in restricted places. Such places include offices, residences, and institutions. There are different types of surveillance systems, which are used for both commercial and residential purposes. These include different types of surveillance (conventional and IP-enabled), biometric security systems (finger, palm, iris and face recognition) and RFID-enabled access control systems.

The growing security concerns across the globe have been responsible for the rapid increase in the deployment of surveillance systems in both commercial and residential market. Further, these two markets are anticipated to drive the overall sales of the electronic surveillance market.

The surveillance market is anticipating a steady growth across the verticals and industry due to high concern of security demands. Also, there is a high demand for surveillance in the Asian and Europe-Middle East-Africa markets, followed by RFID-enabled devices. Further, there is a high demand for biometric recognition system in the European and American commercial market; such as banks, hotels, institutions and mroe.

This report provides insights on the estimates of the electronic surveillance market worldwide, and segmentation based on geographies. Further, it also provides information regarding the current trends, growth drivers, and inhibitors in the global electronic surveillance market. The report also brings the market growth scenario in different geographies, highlighting the rationale behind the anticipated growth in the commercial and residential sector for surveillance equipment.

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