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Frost & Sullivan: Terrorism Drives Middle East Airport Security Upgrades
Frost & Sullivan 2010/5/19

Research and Markets added Frost & Sullivan’s new report entitled "Middle East Airport Security Market Assessment" to their offering.

Research and Markets added Frost & Sullivan’s new report entitled "Middle East Airport Security Market Assessment" to their offering.

This research provides an overview of the airport security market in the Middle East with country wise analysis of the same. In this research, Frost & Sullivan’s expert analysts thoroughly examine the following markets: screening (passenger screening, baggage/cargo screening), access control (biometric system and smart cards) and surveillance (analog camera and IP video).

The Middle East is experiencing frantic infrastructure development activities and as a result, tourists have been thronging to the region. This surge in tourism has caused air traffic to hit new highs. However, the spurt in passenger numbers brings with it increased security concerns. Airports have been upgrading their security systems to comply with the new government regulations and prepare for the escalating terrorist threats in the region. Most Middle East airport upgrade projects are long-term projects, executed in short-term phases, according to analyst of this research. The market is expected to grow between 6 to 8 percent for the next five to eight years.

However, some airports are reluctant to spend on security systems due to tighter budgets, complex procurement patterns and inconsistent security policies, causing a dip in security solution vendors’ revenues. Further, the intensifying competition has constricted the margins of market participants. They can offset these issues and command premium prices through value-added services, product differentiation and innovation. Market participants should start providing new technology equipment and integrated solutions and also adopt efficient supply chain and competitive strategies, notes the analyst. Technological innovations also have a significant role to play in the adoption rates and advances in biometric identification and surveillance bode well for the market.

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