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Integrated Solutions Safeguard Power Plants
Submitted by Siemens Building Technologies 2010/5/18

Power plants are mission-critical facilities which require high security. Siemens Building Technologies examines what systems are needed for an effective solution.

Power plants are mission-critical facilities which require high security. Siemens Building Technologies examines what systems are needed for an effective solution.

Siemens Building Technologies recognizes the demands and design of security, fire safety and building comfort vary from power plant to power plant.

As a service provider for building security, life safety and building automation systems, Siemens understands power plants carry operational, security and fire risks. The one thing they share is the need to manage these risks. Siemens believes safeguarding facilities with integrated, high-performance systems can help reduce operating costs and supply disruption, by mitigating damage and restoring supply quickly.

Long-term continuity relies on protecting existing infrastructure. The diversity of threats to infrastructure calls for an integrated risk-management strategy, based on industry standards and best practice. Engineers can collaborate with risk analysts to install the appropriate fire safety, security and building automation systems.

Intrusion detection at power plants need to be adaptable, to cope with large numbers of staff, visitors and contractors, as well as numerous buildings. Critical features include the flexibility to be able to set the alarmlocally while allowing for central monitoring. Detection systems should identify the origin of an alarm and provide reliable verification.

Perimeter surveillance is critical. Motion detectors with video offer proven effectiveness. They trigger an alarm if intruders set foot on restricted property, allowing for real-time verification and response. Intelligent verification processes also ensure detection accuracy and false alarm immunity.

Plants with multiple buildings benefit from central management of access control, allowing single-card access to any building. Video surveillance can be set to record on alarms and image data can be accessed and managed remotely over the network. Special areas requiring high security can integrate biometrics, such as fingerprint recognition, 3-D facial recognition or iris scans.

Power plants usually require many cameras, sensors and guards. Integrated intelligent video solutions can assist with accuracy, reliability and short response-times. Video sensory analysis, or technology able to aggregate data so a single operator can manage it, allows personnel to focus on critical situations and supports decision-making.

Providing a safety and security solution which integrates systems into one administrative entity is not just about merging equipment and technology.
Command and control solutions utilize functional analysis and detailed design, translating management's operational concepts into a technical reality. They detect incidents, trigger alarms and provide real-time information flow for effective command and control decision-making.

In summary, all power plants are different in their safety, security and even their building management requirements. With the world focusing on energy supply, appreciating these differences is crucial for an integrated solution which truly safeguards energy provision from generation to distribution.

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