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UK Traffic Station Uses Green IR Cameras for Efficient Power
Source: Raytec 2009/12/25

Raytec illuminators powered from renewable energyRaytec illuminators powered from renewable energy

Raytec's Fusion IR illuminators have been deployed by Vaisala at its first roadside monitoring station to provide full 24-hour surveillance using only renewable solar and wind power.

The unit's batteries are charged during daylight hours by a combination of solar and wind energy and remain topped up after dark from wind energy alone, sufficiently enough to allow regular snapshots after dark. The unit is equipped with two low-consumption, zero-maintenance Fusion illuminators. They give the unit's two cameras clear views of the surrounding area, with a range up to 150 meters.

“More of our clients are asking for cameras in out-of-the-way locations where it would be too expensive to have a mains power supply,” said Gerry Sharp, Vaisala's Field Service Specialist. “Using Raytec energy-efficient lighting, we are now confident that we can deliver increasingly effective video solutions using just solar and wind energy.”

The ground-breaking weather station, which is being used to monitor roadside conditions on the A83 roadway, is programmed to capture a snapshot every 10 minutes 24-7. It sends the image and associated weather station data to a server at the Birmingham Vaisala office. The images are then made available to the client through a Web interface. “The fact that it can capture and relay still images entirely without mains power provides proof of concept,” Sharp said. The Raytec project will pave the way for further installations.

Vaisala is a UK expert in installing and maintaining roadside weather monitoring. The new unit incorporating Fusion IR monitors a stretch of road that has previously suffered from landslides.

Raytec's Fusion Infra-Red units were chosen for this application not only because they use very little energy and require zero maintenance, but because they feature a direct DC power feed and built-in photocell, with no need for a specialist power supply unit.

“We've been working with Raytec for a while now and are very confident in the quality of their technology,” Sharp said.

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