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Axis Helps Global Retailer Tally Weijl to Optimize Store Layout and Merchandizing Strategies
Source: Axis Communications 2009/12/16

Axis partners with Cognimatics and Data Components to deliver people counting solution for global clothing retailerAxis partners with Cognimatics and Data Components to deliver people counting solution for global clothing retailer

Axis Communications, a provider in the network video market, is supplying network cameras for people counting at Tally Weijl. Axis Communications is working with Cognimatics, creators of TrueView People Counter, and Data Components, to deliver the solution, which will count the number of visitors passing in and out of the participating stores.

Tally Weijl, a clothing retailer from Switzerland, chose Axis Communications to install 800 cameras, one to two cameras per store, in French, German, Swiss and Austrian outlets. The network cameras are ceiling-mounted and located at the stores entrances and exits, utilizing Cognimatics' people counting algorithm.

Johan Akesson, Business Development Director for retail at Axis Communications, said, “This is a great example of how cameras are not just useful for surveillance purposes, but can offer real insights into customer behavior. This information can then be used to ensure store layout and merchandizing strategies can be optimized to drive sales and profitability.”

Two different types of Axis cameras are being used for the installation. The first is the AXIS 209FD Network Camera, which is a compact network camera. The second is the AXIS 212 PTZ, which provides full overview, and instant, one-click PTZ. Both cameras are durable, with sharp image quality and fast installation times.

All video processing and counting is done by individual cameras making the solution reliable, fast and easy to use. As a security feature, the data is stored locally on the camera for one month and can be collected over a network remotely. The solution is infinitely scalable and standard camera equipment is the only hardware needed for the complete setup.

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