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Isonas Opens Doors Remotely for Office Rental Firm
Source: Isonas 2009/12/8

Access Control system for 9 office locations managed from a single, central location. Networked IP Access Control System provided by Isonas Key Facts

  • Access Control system for 9 office locations managed from a single, central location
  • Networked IP Access Control System provided by Isonas

Management Software
  • Isonas Crystal Matrix Access Control Software System
  • Isonas EasyWeb administration software module

Founded in 2003, Office Evolution (OE) provides live answering service and call management, virtual office services, executive suites, offices for lease, temporary office rentals, conference and training room rentals and business center locations to hundreds of small businesses and professional services providers throughout Colorado.

According to company founder and President Mark Hemmeter, “Our services are designed to give the small business professional the services and support he or she needs to compete in today's marketplace. We are committed to the success of our clients.”

The key focus of Office Evolution's offerings is providing the necessary tools to help small businesses succeed, by enabling them to project a more professional image while increasing customer service and productivity. “Our clients are some of the hardest working business people you can imagine, so it is essential that they have access to every one of our facilities at any time,” said Christy Shirk, OE VP of Operations. “Part of Office Evolution's successful growth from a single location in 2003 to nine locations throughout the Colorado front range today is the ability to offer clients complete access to our offices and meeting rooms 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

This access is made possible by the Power-Net Access Control System provided by Isonas. The system provides unmatched flexibility to each client; with a single key fob they can now securely use any location at any time without having to carry multiple access cards or keys. OE clients now have nine full-time offices at their fingertips for no additional cost.

The new system also streamlines OE's security operations since the company manages its access control for all of its geographically dispersed facilities from a single data base on a server located at OE's central headquarters.

The partnership between Isonas and OE improves security for clients, employees and company property. IP-at-the-door PowerNet reader-controllers provide real-time information about who is in each location at any given time.

Additionally the lower power consumption of the PowerNet system, due to its use of Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, along with Isonas' use of green materials in both product manufacturing and packaging make the system cost effective. “Providing our clients with superior access and security while doing so in such a ‘green' manner makes Office Evolution pleased and proud to support a company like Isonas that encompasses such eco-friendly values without compromising the core purpose of its security system,” Hemmeter said. “With more locations planned for Colorado as well as other states, the easy expandability of the Isonas system is a benefit to our growth.”

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