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Ottawa Property Management Company Relies on Brivo
Source: Brivo 2009/11/12

Installation already manages 3,600 users and growingInstallation already manages 3,600 users and growing

Brivo Systems, a provider of Software-as-a-Service applications for security management, announced Osgoode Properties, located in the Canadian capital of Ottawa, has installed Brivo ACS WebService in a number of its buildings around the city. Double Vision introduced the Brivo technology to Osgoode and is overseeing the ongoing installation of the IP-based access control system.

To date, Osgoode Property has installed ACS WebService in nine buildings covering 75 doors and managing access for 3,600 users, the majority of whom are residential users but include some commercial tenants as well.

Previously, Osgoode struggled with three or four different software programs for access control. Each was loaded onto a dedicated computer, but the company experienced all too frequent hard drive crashes resulting in lost data and the need for manual data back-up procedures that were sometimes forgotten. These system shortcomings meant tenants could not be properly serviced and Osgoode was wasting valuable time and money for access control that was not doing the job.

Double Vision's Carlo Di Leo provided Osgoode management with a demonstration of Brivo ACS WebService and in less than one week, the property management company began to install Brivo. Osgoode uses the Brivo system to full capacity, particularly leveraging the ACS WebService's tiered administration feature. The company has one master administrator, property managers covering four or five buildings, and then a building manager for each individual property. All three administration levels have different privileges and visibility on the system. Osgoode also utilizes the Brivo system's bilingual capabilities for both French and English operation.

“Our business is to keep our tenants happy and our buildings full,” said Geoffrey Younghusband, CPM, Residential Portfolio Manager for Osgoode Properties. ”We take security and life safety issues very seriously, and partnering with a good integrator like Double Vision, who provides us excellent technology, has helped us move in the right direction. In the past when hardware would fail, we would end up losing all the information stored on the system and this would not only cost us money but a great deal of headaches. Brivo has really helped us alleviate the problems and costs involved with data backup, management, and recovery, and the system has increased our Property and Building Managers' productivity and efficiency. Managing access to our buildings is now easy and very effective and we have substantially reduced the number of people loitering in our lobbies and stairwells.”

Osgoode continues to roll out the Brivo system, with plans to eventually cover 15-18 of their buildings and more than 100 total doors. Some of the company's buildings are in marginal areas and the ability to provide a high-performance, reliable access control system for tenants is a great marketing tool for the company. Each building manager has voiced enthusiasm for the Brivo system. Tenants like it too because all they do is key in and they have secure access to their own building and floor through elevator integration — everything else is handled by their building manager.

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