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Mobideos Remote Monitoring Secures Construction Site
Source: Mobideos 2009/10/27

Remote monitoring on Blackberry offers peace of mind for a design and development company.Remote monitoring on Blackberry offers peace of mind for a design and development company.

Great Days Design and Development specializes in designing and building custom homes and commercial buildings. It needed a solution that could deliver real-time access and awareness to its sites to assist with managing vendors, tracking completions, preventing theft, granting access and ensuring safety.
MobileCamViewer gives the Great Days Design and Development team the tools it needs to offer superior service to clients and reduce costs.

“The technology is incredible in that it allows us to view and PTZ control a camera in real time on our Blackberry devices no matter where we are — even if we're sitting at the dinner table with our families,” said Robb Corwin, Great Days Design and Development. “MobileCamViewer truly offers me peace of mind; for instance, during or after a heavy storm. When I'm worried about the condition of several sites at the same time, I can pull out my Blackberry and check all the sites from the comfort of my home or office.”

“One of the biggest positives that I've noticed with MobileCamViewer is that it allows me to monitor access to the sites without having the overhead costs associated with having personnel physically at the sites,” Corwin said. “All in all, MobileCamViewer increases the quality of our lives by reducing stress and saving us precious time and money.”
Technologies Used
Phone and Network: Blackberry Curve
DVR Make and Model: Dedicated Micros, Digital Sprite 2
Camera Make and Model: Multiple

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