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Reveal Imaging Wins Homeland Security Contract for Personnel Inspection
Source: Reveal 2009/10/14

Company says multiple sensors combined with automated detection technology will take personnel screening to the next levelCompany says multiple sensors combined with automated detection technology will take personnel screening to the next level

Reveal Imaging Technologies, a developer of threat detection solutions, signed a contract valued at US$3.9 million for a personnel inspection system with the Department of Homeland Security. The three-phase contract includes a feasibility study, algorithm development and performance testing of a prototype multitechnology, automated personnel inspection system.

Based on Reveal's extensive work in explosives detection, the company believed multiple sensor technologies will result in enhanced performance and increased security in this application. To date, this has presented a challenge since existing personnel screening systems require operators to interrogate detailed images in order to discern threats from innocuous objects. In addition, operators must currently monitor multiple displays in order to view data from different sensor technologies.

“Reveal has had outstanding success developing sensors and improving detection performance by using decision fusion when high detection and low false alarm rates are required,” said Michael Ellenbogen, President and CEO, Reveal. “We plan to apply this expertise to develop an automated, multisensor screening system that will greatly reduce the reliance on operator image interpretation. We're hopeful that the end result will improve personnel screening and address many of the industry's privacy concerns.”

Reveal plans to combine two orthogonal technologies, broadband acoustic sensors and broadband active millimeter wave (MMW) sensors, to create a unique screening system. The acoustic imaging sensors are capable of detecting certain material properties, while MMW sensors measure other material properties. By combining the two technologies, enhanced system performance can be achieved as compared to using either technology alone, thereby reaching the goal of improving detection and reducing false alarm rates.

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