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Edmonton Transit System Deploys Intergraph Solution in Canada's First Integrated Transportation Security System
Source: Intergraph 2009/10/12

Integrated security solution to provide enhanced security, monitoring and transit policingIntegrated security solution to provide enhanced security, monitoring and transit policing

The Edmonton (Alberta, Canada) Transit System (ETS) has successfully deployed a suite of Intergraph transportation security solutions as part of Canada's first integrated transportation security system. ETS Safety and Security Department personnel will leverage Intergraph's integrated security solutions to secure vulnerable areas, detect and assess threats, and quickly respond to all types of incidents.

The integrated system provides ETS Safety and Security personnel with a common operating picture that promotes situational awareness to ensure timely and effective incident response for passenger safety efforts. The transportation security system enhances the automation of ETS' dispatch and resource management, as well as provides integration to existing CCTV and alarms, empowering personnel with a common operating picture that promotes situational awareness. This allows personnel to dedicate their time and efforts to true emergencies and spend less time on administrative tasks and responding to false alarms.

Intergraph's transportation security solution also provides ETS with automatic vehicle location (AVL) capabilities, which sends vehicle status and location information wirelessly to the system, allowing personnel to track the location of available resources and optimize the dispatch of responders to events.

“Intergraph solutions form the foundational aspect that assists ETS in leveraging technology to ensure our fleet and security concerns are handled in an efficient and effective manner,” said Ron Gabruck, Director, Safety and Security, ETS. “The implementation, Canada's first comprehensive integrated security solution that includes physical security and response management, enables our organization to continue to provide enhanced security, monitoring, and transit policing services to the city of Edmonton.”

“Every day, transit security personnel around the world rely on Intergraph's integrated transportation security solutions to provide a common operating picture that facilitates effective and efficient response to promote passenger safety,” said John Graham, President, Intergraph Security, Government and Infrastructure. “Intergraph has enjoyed a rich history with the Edmonton Police Service, Edmonton Emergency Response Department, and the City of Edmonton. We are honored to support the Edmonton Transit Service by advancing regional interoperability and providing actionable intelligence where and when it is needed to facilitate effective and efficient response.”

The Edmonton Transit System's fleet encompasses more than 850 diesel and 40 community buses. The system covers more than 170 routes, including a light rail transit system with 57 vehicles and 13 stations. ETS also offers disabled adult transit service, a transportation service for persons with disabilities.

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