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FrontPoint Security to Provide Next-Generation Home Security for College Housing
Source: FrontPoint Security 2009/10/7

“Ultimate student living community” provides monitored security in every home; adds peace of mind for students and their parents“Ultimate student living community” provides monitored security in every home; adds peace of mind for students and their parents

FrontPoint Security, a provider wireless security systems, completed the first phase of a mass installation project with The Homes at Chimney Ridge at Clemson, Clemson University's only traditional neighborhood student living community. Over the course of a weekend, members of the FrontPoint Security team traveled to Chimney Ridge and installed more than 100 home security systems in the community's individual detached homes and rental office. Chimney Ridge at Clemson is located approximately two miles away from Clemson University in Central, South Carolina.

“We chose FrontPoint over a number of other security vendors because their systems were very user-friendly and catered to our student residents who tend to only have cell phones,” said Matt Taylor, owner of Chimney Ridge at Clemson. “FrontPoint was also the only company that could complete this project in our time frame at a reasonable price.”

Every home at Chimney Ridge is equipped with its own FrontPoint system complete with wireless monitoring. Each resident has a unique code to arm and disarm the system, and codes are reassigned when tenants change in order to keep the most secure environment possible. All equipment and monthly monitoring fees are fully covered by Chimney Ridge at Clemson.

FrontPoint's next-generation home security systems run over an all-cellular network that is safer than traditional alarm systems that run over a landline phone line, which can be disabled by simply cutting the phone line or power cord. This is especially important as most students do not have a landline phone and could not be serviced by a traditional alarm company.

“Chimney Ridge caters to Clemson students that have never lived independently,” Taylor said. “The addition of FrontPoint has provided peace of mind for parents and made our community a top choice for sophomores and juniors who want to live on their own but also stay close to campus and feel secure.”

The FrontPoint system includes small wireless sensors that can be placed on virtually anything inside or outside the home and the user can be notified instantly through e-mail or text message whenever a sensor is activated. All equipment is made by GE and can be monitored from any Internet connection, iPhone or BlackBerry.

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