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Future-Proofed Building Solutions Hinge on Open Platforms
Submitted by Milestone Systems and Johnson Controls 2009/10/6

Implementing scalable solutions allow building owners to react faster to ever-changing environments. Open-platform systems that can integrate with different third-party systems are key to cost-effectiveness.

Implementing scalable solutions allow building owners to react faster to ever-changing environments. Open-platform systems that can integrate with different third-party systems are key to cost-effectiveness.

Effective Business Management with Milestone
Located in Gainesville, VA, Madison Crescent is a 43-acre, multipurpose village providing residential, retail and office opportunities within a unique community environment near the dynamic Washington D.C. market.

Although the headquarters is situated in this dynamic region, it is far away from its project site. "Our headquarters is more than 60 miles away from the project site. Traffic in Washington D.C. can be a nightmare," said William McClain, Director of Property Management, CRC Commercial.

A surveillance system that could do more than simply recording activities in an elevator or at a front door is needed. High-resolution PTZ cameras that allow remote access for building monitoring are required to make sure general safety regulations are always followed by the crew.

Milestone XProtect Professional was introduced to Madison Crescent. Developers can use 360-degree cameras to monitor the property. Software was set up in both the building and the respective offices of the developers. The preliminary setup included four IPIX DV-2000 cameras: one recessed, and the other three are domes — a Sanyo VDC-DP7584 pan focus dome camera and a Panasonic PTZ roof camera in conjunction with a Verint video encoder and an HP server.

Along with the crime deterrent factor, this system has been used as a business tool to avoid traffic congestion, control after-hour cleaning crews and monitor weather conditions.

The open platform makes the system more sophisticated and allows the users to choose any camera they wish to install. "We are not trapped using one type of camera that can be dated as soon as next year," said McClain.

Camana Bay Future-Proofed with Johnson Controls
Camana Bay, stretching from the Caribbean Sea to the North Sound, contains a planned, multipurpose community that will be developed over several decades. With the continuity of its building systems in mind, the local development team selected Johnson Controls to design and integrate the town's major low-voltage systems.

The plan for Camana Bay was designed to evolve and grow organically to meet the changing local markets and requirements. For Dale Dennis, CEO of DE Technology, ensuring the continuity of the town's major low-voltage systems such as fire and security systems, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) controls and other technologies was critical in considering this development.

The developers started the design with the town center and school as the foundation of Camana Bay. Residential areas would then follow once the town's amenities were in place to support them.

The design includes a Johnson Controls P2000 security management system for access control at retail and office spaces. Video surveillance is in place at all building exteriors, parking lots and garages. They are linked to the central operations system via a Johnson Controls DVN 5000 digital video-recording system.

An emergency call system is also in place throughout exterior parking lots and garages. An addressable audio system installed throughout the site further enables operators to playback multiple soundtracks and differentiate them by location.

All HVAC systems and equipment are monitored and controlled by a Johnson Controls Metasys building management system. The Metasys system is also used for the monitoring and control of an emergency center.

Command-and-control center generator, central chiller plant, fuel tanks and a Lutron Grafik system for lighting in common areas can be controlled by Johnson Controls intelligent fire control panels. Fire alarm systems in all common areas can also be integrated and controlled.

These low-voltage systems are converged on a single IP network which is routed back to the command-and-control center that manages the systems 24/7. All the unnecessary and redundant cabling is avoided. As the development expands, additional or expanded systems can ride on the same network.

Furthermore, Johnson Controls trained a local subcontractor that will take ownership of installations in future phases and provide additional training to operations personnel as needed.

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