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Intellicheck Mobilisa Awarded $4.5 Million Navy Contract to Expand Wireless Security Buoy Project
Source: Intellicheck Mobilisa 2009/10/2

Extends IDN's wireless buoy technologyExtends IDN's wireless buoy technology

Intellicheck Mobilisa, a provider access control and wireless security systems, received from the US Navy a contract modification adding US$4,483,398 of additional funding for the Company's Floating Area Network (FAN) and Littoral Sensor Grid wireless security buoy technology.

The wireless security buoys provide a high-capacity communications network grid to provide real-time monitoring for marine environments. The buoys can include sensors for both environmental and homeland security purposes, including Water Quality, Oil Spill detection and Dirty Bomb detection.

Intellicheck Mobilisa began pilot testing this multi-purpose security buoy platform in 2008. The project, in collaboration with the US Department of Defense and the University of Washington Applied Physics Lab, aims to improve waterside security utilizing the Company's FAN technology.

“The Wireless Security Buoys project has been recognized by the Department of Defense as a vital source for waterway and port security and environmental monitoring,” stated Nelson Ludlow, CEO of Intellicheck Mobilisa. “This additional funding allows us to continue building on our already proven technology, and to expand our research and development efforts.”

“We currently have security buoys deployed in the North Puget Sound area,” said Jim Rabb, Wireless Programs Manager. “This additional funding will increase the number of buoys deployed, and particularly allow us to develop additional security monitoring tools such as a dirty bomb sensors. The US Government recognizes our program as important to port security.”

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