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Federal Aviation Administration Chooses TimeTrade Systems for Scheduling of Mission Critical Staff
Source: TimeTrade Systems 2009/9/28

Self-service, on-demand solution to streamline credentialing for access to Federal Aviation Administration facilities and resources

Self-service, on-demand solution to streamline credentialing for access to Federal Aviation Administration facilities and resources


TimeTrade Systems, a provider of customer self-service appointment scheduling, announced the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), an agency of the United States Department of Transportation and responsible for the safety of civil aviation, has deployed TimeTrade's Enterprise Scheduling Application to simplify and expedite the process involved in complying with the HSPD-12 directive. All FAA employees at more than 100 different offices will self-schedule time through TimeTrade for the enrollment, fingerprinting and activation required to receive a smart card to access buildings and computer networks.


Post Sept. 11, the Bush administration instated the Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12, or HSPD-12, as a way to combat terrorist attacks, espionage and cyber threats. The directive requires that each federal employee and contractor must be issued a "smart card" containing extensive personal information including biometric data.


TimeTrade is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application that automates high-transaction, multiresource, multilocation appointment scheduling processes for government agencies, large retailers, health care and financial services organizations. Businesses and government agencies are able to offer staff and consumers with 24-7 access to schedule time, which improves customer and employee satisfaction and streamlines otherwise time-consuming, costly and ineffective processes.


Being able to quickly schedule credentialing interviews for new FAA staff is crucial. Without these credentials, the staff is hampered considerably in their ability to perform their jobs — and to ensure the safety of civil aviation across the U.S. The FAA selected TimeTrade, the self-service scheduling solution, as a way for employees to schedule a credentialing appointment, in advance, via an internal portal. This process ensures easy access and a timely appointment for all FAA employees.


"Self-scheduling appointments for government employees to receive their credentials has become a major customer initiative for TimeTrade," said Ed Mallen, CEO of TimeTrade Systems. "As we have with many other federal, state and local government agencies, we will ensure that FAA employees can spend less time scheduling and waiting for appointments and more time focused on their mission critical tasks. We welcome the opportunity to work with the FAA and look forward to building on this relationship in the future."

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