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Kwikset Study Reveals Nearly Half of American Homeowners Live with Compromised Home Security
Source: Kwikset 2009/9/22

National survey finds that nearly half of all homeowners did not change or rekey locks at move-inNational survey finds that nearly half of all homeowners did not change or rekey locks at move-in

Nearly half of all American homeowners fall short when it comes to maintaining the security of their home, according to the findings of an American Security Study (July 2009), conducted by Kwikset, a provider of residential door hardware. The study revealed that an alarming 47 percent of homeowners did not change or rekey the locks to their home when they first moved in, and nearly one-third have never changed their locks or had them rekeyed at any point since moving in. This is despite the fact that more than half of homeowners surveyed routinely loan house keys to nonresidents and previous homeowners often continue to carry old house keys.

The inaugural Kwikset American Security Study also revealed that although residential security often is cited by Americans as a top priority, data suggests that people are not managing access control to their homes accordingly. Of the half of all homeowners that loan-out house keys, nearly 10 percent reportedly have loaned out their key more than 10 times. What's more, with 60 percent of homeowners having multiple home entries with different keys for each, there already is an increased margin of error for maintaining access control.

“Probably the most significant insight from our study is that American homeowners may not even be aware that their home security levels are compromised,” said Brent Flaharty, VPof Marketing, Kwikset. “Given that the majority of respondents have never changed or rekeyed their locks, combined with the fact that they're loaning out keys to nonresidents, there is a very real possibility of keys falling into the wrong hands and even being copied unknowingly.”

Solution to Improved Access Control
Kwikset developed its SmartKey rekey technology to help combat the disturbing national trend in compromised home security. This groundbreaking new lock technology gives homeowners the ability to re-key their own locks in a matter of seconds without even having to remove the lock from the door. In three simple steps, homeowners can re-key multiple SmartKey locks to one Kwikset key, or replace a lost or loaned key with a new key, all while the lock remains in place.

“SmartKey has been hugely popular with home builders and homeowners alike since its introduction in 2007, and we want even more Americans to understand how this highly secure and affordable technology is a smart and simple solution for their home security needs,” Flaharty said. “With Kwikset's SmartKey, homeowners won't have to worry about how many lost or loaned keys are lying around; they can simply rekey the lock to a new key for improved access control and peace of mind.”

How It Works
SmartKey's patented side-locking bar technology is central to the lock's ability to be quickly and easily re-keyed. By using the included SmartKey Learn Tool and the existing functioning key, homeowners can safely match or change out keys without special training or outside contractors. Providing superior security, SmartKey deadbolts eliminate the typical sheer line, pin and tumbler mechanisms in its design, removing the most vulnerable points in residential locks. High-quality stainless steel internal parts ensure smooth operation, increased strength and exceptional durability.

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