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Navy Installation Increases Access Control Security with RAPIDGate Program
Source: Eid Passport 2009/9/17

RAPIDGate program chosen to authenticate and verify vendors and contractorsRAPIDGate program chosen to authenticate and verify vendors and contractors

Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake, an airborne weapons testing facility in California, has implemented the RAPIDGate Program to increase security and streamline access for the thousands of vendors, suppliers, service providers and contractors who access the installation. The RAPIDGate Program, a product of Portland, Oregon-based Eid Passport, is an identity management and access control program. The program includes company enrollment, employee registration, employment status validation, identity authentication, background screening, biometric verification, and entry authorization for vendor, supplier, service provider and contractor employees that are not authorized a Common Access Card (CAC).

Utilizing Eid Passport`s patented program, employees who register for the program and successfully pass the background screening receive streamlined access to Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake.

"We`re pleased the Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake has joined the list of RAPIDGate Customers," said Eid Passport CEO, Steve Larson. "As a research, development, acquisition, test & evaluation facility, thorough background screening of those populations who regularly access the base is essential to protecting the mission, the personnel and the families on board the installation."

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