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Australian Government Expands Use of ActivIdentity Technology
Source: ActivIdentity 2009/8/31

ActivIdentity's Credential Management System Delivers a Robust Security Solution for the Government's Employee ID Program

ActivIdentity's Credential Management System Delivers a Robust Security Solution for the Government's Employee ID Program


ActivIdentity, a global leader in strong authentication and credential management, and the Australian Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) celebrated the anniversary of the upgrade of DEEWR's new government employee ID using ActivIdentity ActivID Card Management System (CMS) and the successful expansion of the system by an additional 3,000 users in order to deliver a more robust security solution to its 9,000 employees.


“DEEWR has relied on ActivIdentity for a number of years and the proven reliability of their software made them the logical choice for our new employee ID as well,” said Michael Glasson, director, IT security. “Their ActivID CMS provides a perfect fit for our existing Microsoft server platform, and will provide users with a simpler user experience, and the Department with a more secure network,” he said. “As a repository of a large volume of private data, the Department is committed to ensuring the protection and privacy of the citizens of Australia, and the solution provided by ActivIdentity is a key component of this security platform.”


The ActivIdentity ActivID Card Management System, which is part of ActivIdentity's credential management product line, streamlines the issuance of employee ID cards and provides DEEWR with a versatile identity framework. With the deployment of ActivIdentity ActivID Card Management System, DEEWR will be able to update data on all previously issued employee ID cards, provide self-service password resets for staff, and deliver a single point of administration that ensures efficiency, productivity, convenience and simplicity for both users and administrators. The solution will allow DEEWR to “own” the cards they deploy and update them after they have been issued to staff. DEEWR will have the ability to add or remove data and certificates as required. DEEWR will also be able to reprogram the entire card if required.


The upgrade will ensure that DEEWR's employee IDs are compliant with the “Identity Management for Australian Government Employees” framework (IMAGE). IMAGE is an Australian government-wide initiative, providing an integrated, transparent identity management system across government agencies. DEEWR will be one of the first Australian government agencies to issue IMAGE-compliant employee identification cards.

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