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Integration Improves Security at Mines
Submitted by Flir Systems, Dallmeier Electronic and Gallagher Security Management Systems 2009/4/21

With theft and worker safety at the top of a mine's priorities, integrated solutions can improve security comprehensively.

With theft and worker safety at the top of a mine's priorities, integrated solutions can improve security comprehensively.

FLIR Thermal Cameras Guard Diamond Mines
Namdeb Diamond Corporation is the world's leading alluvial diamond miner. For Namdeb, theft is of the utmost concern.

Security is critical for the bedrock area, said Harold Schoeman, Security Senior Technician at Namdeb, Oranjemund. Several technologies are used to optimize security in different areas.

Thermal imaging cameras with PTZ, such as the FLIR Systems SR-100, were installed for monitoring the bedrock area, exit and entrance at night. Movable wireless camera systems called “spider cameras” were also used to monitor the workers. An X-ray machine checks if diamonds are concealed on workers.

Thermal imaging also serves as perimeter protection, reducing the civil works cost for expensive fencing options. The PTZ-35x140 MS can monitor what is happening around the fence in total darkness and foggy conditions.

Accident Prevention
No matter if the mining is done at open mines or underground, mining equipment is large and heavy. Drivers sit in an elevated position, where they cannot always see what is happening directly in front, on the side or at the back of the trucks. Not having a clear view of what is happening around drivers can cause deadly accidents, said Eddie Smith, founder and MD of Trysome Auto Electrical Parts Distributors.

Trysome installed FLIR Systems' PathFindIR thermal imaging cameras on mining vehicles in the front, side and back. They ensure safety when machines operate in dusty or foggy conditions.

A small radar system which warns drivers when something is ahead can be added, along with infrared illumination and microphones. Thermal images appear on a large LCD display inside the cabin, once the vehicle goes faster than 17 kilometers per hour. The driver can also switch on the cameras any time.

Big and heavy equipment like excavators and wheel dozers — which operate in dusty conditions — can also be equipped with thermal imaging cameras.

Dallmeier Watches Over Mining Operations
The red area, where mined materials are sorted, is at high risk for theft. To prevent theft, it is crucial to deploy cameras which produce high-quality and detailed images in challenging lighting conditions, with the highest failure safety.

Value and Safety
The vandal-proof DDF3000AV by Dallmeier is a high-resolution ultra wide dynamic range color mini dome that can cope with the difficult conditions of mines. It provides clear and detailed images under constantly changing lighting conditions and against backlighting.

In order to guarantee high availability of recordings, Dallmeier banks on the highly available storage directly at the encoder with the DIS-2/M UTP. The recording is network-independent and continues even in the event of malfunctions or a complete network failure.

High-security areas, such as where mine workers are searched and the automated hazardous refinery area, are monitored by high-resolution cameras. Early warning intrusion systems deployed at the perimeter can be integrated with the cameras.

Using state-of-the-art video security technology, it is easy to enforce safety regulations. In the case of accidents such as explosions, the recorded image data allow for a fast and straightforward investigation for the cause of the event.

Integration of video surveillance and access control can be done for the presorting area for precious materials. Authorized control for security operators can also be set up through the management software.

With Dallmeier recording devices, it is possible to set up different, password-protected access levels. This possibility accounts for the complex controlling tasks in mines and ensures security operators have the access rights necessary to perform their duties.

Furthermore, an exchange of existing systems or a migration to an IP solution can be done gradually, so that the video security system can be adjusted by requirement and budget. Continuous recording during the commissioning of a new system is ensured.

Cardax Secures Copper Mines
Xstrata Copper's Mount Isa Mines operates as one of the largest underground mines in the world. It handles explosives and operating machinery, reaching as deep as 1,800 meters underground.

For security, only authorized personnel with the necessary training and requirements may access the mine. Collection and management of all associated data were a significant issue, making access control important.

To establish a safe and secure environment, the site deployed Cardax FT, a comprehensive Microsoft Windows-based security system. The Cardax FT Controller 5000s and Controller 3000s integrated with intruder alarm management were installed.

Integration with video management is utilized. The reporter software provides a customized reporting tool to monitor the whereabouts of underground staff based on the company's human resource management system.

The access control system monitors and backs up alarms, including environmental, fire, intrusion and production alarms and domestic site-associated alarm systems.

Badging is possible with Photo ID, for image capture, card design and printing of photo identification cards. They include a feature that enables a cardholder's image from the video system to be checked against the image in the Cardax FT system.

The development of electronic tagging to manage firing of explosives underground has significantly reduced risk of injury. It also reduces the cost of misfirings often experienced using the previous manual tag board systems.

The integrated solution has enabled better management of contractors. With the access control system, it ensures contractor compliance for site access by generating reports on how much time authorized personnel spent in certain areas.

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