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Dedicated Micros Offers Expanded Line of Pixim-Powered Cameras
Source: Dedicated Micros 2009/4/9

Dedicated Micros, part of AD Group, and Pixim, a provider of image sensors and processors for enterprise security cameras, announced an expansion of Dedicated Micros' line of Pixim-powered video security cameras.

Dedicated Micros, part of AD Group, and Pixim, a provider of image sensors and processors for enterprise security cameras, announced an expansion of Dedicated Micros' line of Pixim-powered video security cameras.

The new cameras include the CamVu HyperD network camera using the newest member of Pixim's popular Orca chipset family, as well as automatic license plate recognition (ALPR)-optimized cameras with HyperSense technology, based on Pixim's Eclipse ambient-light rejection system.

New CamVu IP cameras offer improved low-light sensitivity. The Dedicated Micros CamVu HyperD is a box network camera that uses Pixim's latest Orca-E digital imager, which significantly improves low-light performance while retaining Pixim's Digital Pixel System technology advantages of superb image quality and color fidelity, even in variable and high-contrast lighting conditions.

"Our new CamVu HyperD camera, the latest addition to our CamVu range of NetVu connected cameras, is designed for all applications where the wide dynamic range, color rendition, and low noise benefits of the Pixim-powered HyperD technology are required from an IP camera,” said Hugh Devereux, VP Global Product Management of Dedicated Micros. “Additionally, the new camera has improved low-light sensitivity compared to our analog product, offering an optimal balance between low-light and high-contrast performance.”

The CamVu HyperD camera is expected to be ideal for markets including the following:

*Retail and leisure: Situations where high-contrast images are present, such as indoors with a camera facing toward windows or a doorway, as well as environments requiring superior color rendition, such as gaming and banking.

*Transportation: Anywhere with high-contrast images, such as transit stations, aboard trains or buses, or outdoors with reflections of glass and metal.

*General external security: External applications in variable lighting including both sunny and low-light conditions.

The CamVu HyperD is a box camera that is compatible with standard 1/3-inch format, CS-mount auto iris lenses. The camera operates seamlessly with Dedicated Micros' NetVu Connected network, including support for recording of multiple video streams. In addition, the camera supports analytics solutions available from Dedicated Micros; remote configuration and remote viewing; multi-mode recording, such as non- alarm, alarm and static profiles; and a PoE option.

HyperSense cameras improve ALPR performance, available in both NTSC/PAL and network models; Dedicated Micros' ALPR-optimized HyperSense cameras use Pixim's Eclipse technology to speed ALPR computation and increase the accuracy with which license plates can be read, even in the presence of headlight and solar glare and reflections.

Pixim's Eclipse technology overcomes the challenges imposed by unpredictable ambient light, and license plate recognition is a prime application for this technology. The Eclipse technology takes advantage of the fast exposure capability of Pixim's Digital Pixel System technology as well as synchronized-IR active capture and global electronic shutter.

As a result, the Dedicated Micros HyperSense camera, achieves extreme ambient-light rejection without any motion artifacts — which translates into clear images of license plates even on fast-moving vehicles or in the presence of glare, flare or shadows.

"Our new special-purpose HyperSense cameras, based on Pixim's Eclipse technology, are able to remove all light and motion artifacts from a scene, leaving only the crisp, clear images intended: the license plates,” said Devereux. “Our ALPR-optimized cameras will significantly enhance the effectiveness of applications ranging from petrol forecourt monitoring to car park barrier control.”

Dedicated Micros also offers Pixim-powered ICE mini-domes and box cameras, including the NTSC/PAL ICED-HyperD family built around Pixim's popular Orca chipset.

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