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AMG Secures Alshaya Outlets in Bahrain City Centre Shopping Mall
Source: AMG Systems 2009/3/3

The Kingdom's largest mall has been secured with a comprehensive CCTV solution featuring uncompressed video monitoring via AMG's Guardian-Lite technology

The Kingdom's largest mall has been secured with a comprehensive CCTV solution featuring uncompressed video monitoring via AMG's Guardian-Lite technology

AMG Systems announces they won the video transmission solution for a section of the newest and largest shopping mall in Bahrain. The solution is implemented by G4S Security Services (Bahrain).

Alshaya is a retail chains in the Middle East and has been operating in Bahrain for a number of years.

Strategically located in the heart of Manama, Bahrain City Centre comprises 140,000 square meters. It has more than 300 stores and will also offer two multilevel international department stores, the largest indoor water park in the region, a 5,000-square-meter Magic Planet and the largest cinema in the Middle East with 20 screens.

A true multi-use development, Bahrain City Centre will also incorporate two international hotels with a total of 700 rooms combined offering five-star amenities. Minutes away from the King Fahad Causeway, and with 6,000 covered car spaces, Bahrain City Centre is an ideal and convenient getaway destination for both residents as well as the Saudi families who frequently visit the kingdom.

Sumit Arora, Divisional Manager of G4S, said, “Key to delivering a top level customer experience in the mall, and ensuring a high degree of relaxation and feeling of security, is a comprehensive security and surveillance system. We are responsible for the Alshaya showrooms of the project which encompass 24 major brand outlets — including the huge Debenhams Department store — located in different sections of the mall. Initially, this part of the surveillance solution encompasses 152 cameras of which 84 are PTZ.”

"The control room is located on site, and one of the objectives was to facilitate that the operators can view real time uncompressed images from the camera network,” Arora said. “There was a further challenge related to the project, as the requirements called for transmission of multiple camera signals with associated data to the central control room over a single fiber without compromising on the speed of data and the picture quality. The requirements called for a sophisticated fiber optic-based transmission solution.”

"We have to transmit CCTV images from various showrooms to the Central control room and we were faced with a serious issue with regards to the number of fiber cores available. AMG's Guardian-Lite technology allows for the transmission of multiple real-time images with associated data for PTZ camera manipulation and we have successfully achieved the objective, as the implemented solution transmits eight channels of video with associated date per single fiber.”

AMG's International Sales Manager in the Middle East Simon O'Neill said, “It is testament to our growing activities in the Middle East that AMG has enjoyed significant success with a number of projects in Bahrain this year. Bahrain is a very interesting market and we are absolutely delighted to work on this prestigious Mall together with market leading Group 4 Securicor. Operating from our new Regional Office for the Middle East in Muscat, Oman — AMG is deeply committed to supporting the Middle East market which represents a significant growth potential for our transmission solutions.”

About Group 4 Securicor
G4S operates in more than 110 countries with more than 550,000 employees. The company is listed on both the London and the Copenhagen Stock Exchanges. The company's unique standing in the world of security does not just result from its size or scale of operation; it is a reflection of the high quality and professional attitude of the security services provided.

G4S Security Services Bahrain has a wealth of experience and resources within security system design, and recognises the critical importance of accurate and detailed planning from the outset of every security project. The company's security consultants provide expert advice in reducing security risks. G4S security engineers complement the activities of the company's consultants by working closely with the client to determine performance requirements, detailing system design, cable routes, positioning and connecting of equipment including environment and aesthetic conditions. For more information please visit

About AMG Systems
AMG Systems is a provider of video and communication transmission solutions designed for CCTV surveillance operations in the Transportation and Security Sectors. The company is a global supplier which offers a full range of transmission technologies including multimode and singlemode video, data and audio fiber optic transmission systems; single & multi channel unshielded twisted pair (UTP) links for video, data & audio; multi-port Ethernet switches for the transmission of IP based solutions over fiber, and both analog and digital wireless products for the transmission of video & data. As a result AMG transmission solutions have been successfully implemented in many high profile projects throughout the world. Projects include supplying the transmission system for the UK's NRTS project, using the innovative Guardian-Lite 3700 system, and the security and surveillance of the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar. AMG have completed projects for Airports, Rail, Ports, Industrial and commercial sites, sports and leisure facilities, Town and City centres, Military, Universities and hospitals. More information can be found on

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