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Health Care Security Takes Preventative Action
Submitted by CEM Systems, ADT and Dallmeier electronic 2009/2/9

From video recorders to command and control platforms, health care facilities deploy security solutions for quality care.

From video recorders to command and control platforms, health care facilities deploy security solutions for quality care.

CEM and ADT Secure Glasgow Hospitals
CEM Systems, an access control brand of Tyco International, supplied security systems to Glasgow's Stobhill and Victoria hospitals to secure their US$186.5 million facilities. The contract, which was awarded with ADT Glasgow, included the CEM AC2000 SE (Standard Edition) security management system.

As part of a prestigious public and private sector partnership project, the ambulatory care hospitals at Victoria and Stobhill represent a significant investment in National Health Services. Two of Scotland's largest hospitals, Victoria and Stobhill, will each feature four floors covering 30,000 square meters and will provide care for 400,000 patients.

IP Solutions
"The CEM AC2000 SE system offers Glasgow's new hospitals an IP solution that takes advantage of existing network infrastructure, providing communications and sufficient power to each door using a single Cat 5 cable," said Andrew Fulton, Business Development Director of Tyco International's CEM Systems. "This is possible with the advanced CEM EtherProx card readers and CEM DIU 220's which, using PoE Plus technology, reduce the contractor's cost for supplying 240 volt power to various doors."

The CEM DIU 220 takes advantage of PoE Plus technology and combines Ethernet communications and sufficient power to support a complete door set, including an In/ Out EtherProx reader and a standard 650 mA magnetic lock, over a single Cat 5 cable. The IT administrator of each hospital can simply allocate an IP address to the Ethernet card readers and, with CEM DIU 220's, use PoE to allow communications and power to connect directly to the central communications room. This eliminates the expense of bringing main power to each door and enables the hospital to use its existing fiber optic network. Since the CEM DIU 220 installation is low voltage, the hospital can avoid the added expense of an electrical contractor.

"ADT is working in partnership with CEM to design an innovative security solution to enhance the security of patients, staff, and visitors within Glasgow's prestigious new hospitals," said Martin Bell, Integrated Solutions Group account manager of ADT Glasgow. "Because we are installing an IP CCTV system with a dedicated network, the CEM AC2000 SE system is the ideal choice because it offers a future-proof PoE solution for access control and integrates with the CCTV and intruder alarms."

The CEM AC2000 SE system is an integrated access control, alarm processing, and photo badging security system that has been installed around the world. Boasting a suite of software modules, AC2000 SE offers the hospitals every operational application needed to secure their environment, from professional staff ID badging to integrated DVR/surveillance control and central alarm monitoring using AC2000 Alarm Event Display, and more.

The new hospitals will officially open in summer 2009. With security in place from CEM and ADT, the landmark hospitals will safely provide modern and health facilities for the people of Glasgow.

Turkish Hospital Strikes New Path in Patient Care with Dallmeier
The Memorial Hospital in Istanbul deployed a video system by German IP surveillance pioneer Dallmeier. It enables doctors, nurses and staff to keep an eye on patients who are in critical condition or in need of care. In emergency situations, the hospital staff can react quickly and initiate necessary medical procedures.

Qualitative Medical Care
The Memorial Hospital is the first hospital in Turkey certified by the Joint Commission International. A high-quality and comprehensive system of medical care, as well as patient safety, form two of the hospital's aims. They are implemented with a "virtual round," allowing the medical staff to view video of patients.

Virtual Round
A Dallmeier presentation launched the project. Dallmeier's Sales Manager Asad Asla spoke at the hospital with local partner OR-DO. "The management of the Memorial Hospital was convinced by the quality of the Dallmeier products," said Ozgün Sapmaztürk, Foreign Trade and Marketing Manager with OR-DO.

Professor Bingür S?nmez, the head of cardiac surgery, implemented the project. Using a GSM mobile phone, physicians can view live images of patients in intensive care and take appropriate action should an emergency arise. The intensive care units are equipped with cameras connected to Dallmeier recorders. The Memorial Hospital uses Dallmeier's DLS 24 recorder and the DMS 240 "In Memory of Leonardo" model. The high image quality of the live images and recordings was decisive in selecting the Dallmeier recorders, along with their stability and reliability.

Improved Care
Giving patients peace of mind is a goal of the virtual round. "Especially after lengthy and complicated surgeries, many patients suffer from doubts and anxieties as to how their lives will continue," Sonmez said.

The virtual round allows doctors and nurses to provide patients with intensive care around the clock. Even if staff members are not at the hospital, they have Internet access to the images.

"Our patients know that we permanently keep an eye on them and thus they don't feel like being left alone," Sonmez said. "That moral support significantly helps in speeding up the process of recovery."

Resolution of Disputes
The installation of the surveillance system also can resolve disputes regarding possible malpractice.

If patients consent, the Memorial Hospital uses digital recording devices to record surgeries, should something go wrong. Using the recorded images, the procedure can be reconstructed. Since Dallmeier recorders have Kalagate certification, the images can be used for evidence in court.

Happy Patients , Happy Staff
S?nmez was satisfied with the Dallmeier system. "Our virtual round has proven to be a very useful tool and we have already received positive feedback from many of our patients," he said. "We were also able to save a lot of time and money by quickly resolving malpractice issues. With Dallmeier we have definitely made a good choice!"

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