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Reviewing Worldwide Security Product Trends (Ⅱof Ⅵ)
by a&s International 2008/11/29

Products for 2008 With innovation playing a significant role in success, a company's strengths are exemplified by their products. Networking and integration were a theme, along with more efficient video compression. Intelligence cropped up in embedded video products, along with smart edge devices.

Products for 2008
With innovation playing a significant role in success, a company's strengths are exemplified by their products. Networking and integration were a theme, along with more efficient video compression. Intelligence cropped up in embedded video products, along with smart edge devices.

The major security groups were represented in Honeywell's offerings. "Honeywell introduced this year the EQUIP Series family of IP video devices, including cameras, encoders, NVRs and DVRs," Roth said. In access control, it released its Pro-Watch security management system and updated its intrusion VISTA series control panel with cellular transmission capabilities.

"Bosch announced breakthroughs in several product categories, with an emphasis on surveillance. Its IVA 3.5 intelligent video analysis software has improved search capabilities by color and the Video Management System software designed for network video was introduced," van Iperen said. Rugged MIC imaging cameras were launched for "the toughest environmental conditions," plus the Professional Series intrusion detectors were designed for commercial and industrial use.

Axis released a new platform, used in eight of its 2008 offerings. "It's not just a product, but a platform and ASIC inside the product, with a new generation of the platform available early this year," Mauritsson said. "A number of products are leveraging that platform, as the main benefit is the encoding standard H.264."

Geutebrück released updates to its video line, including an IP video encoder CAM2IP and peripherals. "We had many new features in our DVR/NVR range of GeViScope and reporter," Geutebrück said.

Increased integration boosted Zenitel's development of its main intercom IP platform, providing effective communication, said Kenneth Dàstol, Executive Vice President, Zenitel Group.

"Many customers would argue audio quality is our strongest quality," Dàstol said. "With voice carried within the system at Hi-Fi bandwidth (18 kHz) it's clearer than any telephone."

Networking also influenced home automation. "Electronics Line 3000 successfully launched its most sophisticated solution to date, iConnect, offering advanced residential security and control with a sleek and contemporary design and a new GPRS communications platform," Hayek said.

Products for 2009
The upcoming year promises continued innovation, with updates and new capabilities in store.

Remote monitoring is part of the networking trend for 2009. "Total Connect allows users to stay connected to their homes and business with any Web-enabled device such as a PC, laptop, cell phone or Blackberry," Roth said. "This capability not only allows users to control their security systems remotely, it opens the door to features that can enhance a business' bottom lines and enhance overall lifestyles." The solution is for Honeywell's North American market.

Surveillance will see more products, with Geutebrück launching network cameras and additional features to its DVR/NVR range. Mauritsson said Axis would also release new cameras and video servers based on its 2008 platform.

Edge devices will continue to be part of the Nice portfolio. "In the security sector, Nice is working to enhance its IP video portfolio with new edge devices that support advanced video content analytics, efficient encoding, network resiliency and extreme environmental conditions," Livnat said.

More complete offerings will be in on the market, for well-rounded solutions. "During the upcoming months, the Company plans to offer the market complementing connectivity and control solutions which will allow users to always be up to date and in complete control using a variety of hand-held devices, and offering users utmost flexibility in their remote management options," Hayek said. "Electronics Line 3000 also plans to offer the market video solutions, which will further enhance its current residential security offering."

Company Opportunities
Seizing choice opportunities is part of the corporate strategy for 2009. Companies remain alert for ways to win, whether through continued innovation, growth or targeted services.

Honeywell intends to watch industry trends closely. "Our strategy will be to continue staying ahead of emerging technology trends that will shape the way customers protect their homes, businesses and enterprises," Roth said. "For example, the industry is clearly moving toward the convergence of physical and IT security measures."

Staying aware of trends can help providers and their customers. "As our customers face greater challenges, we must step up to the plate and continue to provide them with outstanding solutions to help them improve their business performance and competitiveness," Livnat said. "Furthermore, we aim to anticipate trends and develop solutions ahead of these trends, so that our customers can remain ahead of the curve."

Increased remote monitoring will be a trend, Hayek said. "Electronics Line 3000's strategy has been to provide integrated and comprehensive security and control solutions, with a strong focus on advanced remote management applications."

Networking plays a role in Zenitel's strategy, tying into its founding principle of helping people communicate when it is "really" necessary. "During 2008, the strategy and growth demonstrated in the Secure Communication Segment (mainly Intercom) clearly indicate that the chosen strategy to further invest in VoIP (Voice over IP) applications is paying off," Dàstol said. "Zenitel therefore also intends to continue its current development efforts, in order to stay ahead and ride the wave of innovative product development, following customer requests."

Bosch's plans included technology updates and improving partnerships. "We will continue to count on our innovation capabilities, the expansion of our product range, the good cooperation with partner companies and dealers, and the dedication of our staff," van Iperen said.

Providing appropriate solutions is how Geutebrück will stay ahead. "Our strategy is and will remain to provide for the information needs of our end users, using whichever technology base is best suited," Geutebrück said. "Consequently our systems support analog, hybrid and pure IP architectures offering a high performance, homogeneous operation and administration to the user."

For Axis, already at the top of its field, staying there influences its strategy. "Our goal — not only for 2007-08 — is to keep our strong market leading position," Mauritsson said. "Our goal is 'Five by Five,' or to grow five times bigger in five years. That's the growth pace we're on."

Improved user awareness is how Nice plans to stay ahead. "In light of the growing awareness and need for organizations worldwide to improve their capabilities in ensuring the safety and security of the public, Nice is facing good opportunities," Livnat said.

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