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Le Meridien She Shan: Safe Haven Secured by Bosch
Submitted By Bosch Security Systems 2008/10/2

Le Meridien She Shan, Shanghai Hotel deployed a Bosch Security Systems integrated solution to safeguard its patrons.

Le Meridien She Shan, Shanghai Hotel deployed a Bosch Security Systems integrated solution to safeguard its patrons.

End User
Le Meridien She Shan situated approximately 46 kilometers outside of Shanghai is one of the largest and most luxurious hotels in Shanghai. Located within the natural beauty of Chinaˇs National Tourist Resort of She Shan, the hotel boasts fantastic scenic views of Yuehu Lake, the largest man-made lake in Shanghai, and a spectacular mountain range.

Designed to blend in with the surrounding area, the hotelˇs comprehensive facilities include 327 spacious guest rooms and suites with balconies. It can host a wide range of its events in a grand ballroom covering more than 19,000 square feet, a 470-seat auditorium and seven meeting rooms. Finally, an area of 500 square meters for a spa and fitness club, along with two outdoor pavilions, allows guests to unwind.

Business Objective
The challenge for Le Meridien She Shan, Shanghai Hotel was to provide adequate indoor and outdoor video surveillance to cover the vast landscape. The video coverage could not, however, invade the privacy of the hotelˇs prestigious guests.

In addition, the wide open areas and lack of boundary lines separating the natural landscape was part of the hotelˇs charm, which needed to be maintained. The appearance of surveillance cameras had to be kept to a minimum and the camera had to be aesthetically designed to harmonize the style of architecture and inner decoration.

Much care was taken to ensure that there was sufficient video surveillance for outdoor coverage without compromising the breathtaking view.

In all, more than 300 Bosch cameras including FlexiDome and AutoDome  were installed in the hotel and at external garden.

Bosch worked with the hotel's security team from the early stage of pre-design and throughout the various stages of construction, to achieve maximum satisfaction for the customer.

The LTC 8800 Bosch Allegiant system, with its 300 cameras, secured both indoor and outdoor facilities. The AutoDome maintains peak performance, making it the ideal solution for perimeter surveillance. The day and night cameras provide extra sensitivity under changing light conditions, while high-resolution cameras capture the finest detail. Tough, weatherproof housing was also provided for the outdoor cameras.

The AutoDome system was coupled with the Allegiant matrix system, which offers full matrix switch capability and can display the video from any camera on any monitor. The system has a proven record of reliability and performance, satisfying the hotelˇs requirement for video recording and monitoring solution.

The solution provided a user friendly, easy-to-install and low-maintenance system for Le Meridien She Shan Shanghai Hotel. Fulfilling the top objective of effective surveillance with minimal impact on the environment, guests at the hotel can safely relax and soak in the beautiful surroundings.

"The Bosch AutoDome camera system has been installed three years ago," said Mr. Wang, Assistant Manager of the Engineering Department, Le Meridien She Shan. "We are pleased with the modular camera systems that deliver exceptional image clarity control and sensitivity. We trust the proven reliability of Bosch systems will guarantee the daily security of all our guests."

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