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Five Key Features of Security Management Platform
by Tony Luce, Director, Lenel Systems International, North Asia 2008/8/19

With information everywhere on what matters in planning today's security system, here are the top five factors to consider when evaluating your path forward. Lenel presents its latest concept of a security management platform

With information everywhere on what matters in planning today's security system, here are the top five factors to consider when evaluating your path forward. Lenel presents its latest concept of a security management platform 

1.Standards Serial and Weigand communications have long been standards in the physical security world and convergence brought first video compression standards and later the use of IP (Internet Protocol). Even today, access control providers are returning to old standards to find improvements, such as with the Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) for RS-485. Video providers have focused on adopting improving standards such as H.264, which makes high-resolution security video easier to save now that it flows over the network faster and consumes less storage space. Computer operating systems and databases have also brought numerous support advantages for customers as Microsoft and others have brought reliable products to the market, such as Microsoft Windows and SQL Server. Linux has also proven itself as a reliable option in the security market. When you choose a system that leverages standards, the productivity of the system increases exponentially and risk of obsolete systems decreases dramatically. Standards will help provide a safe foundation for your security system.

2.Open Architecture  Not only are standards important, building on those standards with an open architecture solution is the key to the future. With an open system, you have unlimited possibilities that can be dictated by the marketplace, not the provider. Systems that may offer a couple unique advantages often do that at the expense of the system as they can reduce options for additional integration. With an open system, you can choose the best hardware technology. If years into the future you want to make hardware changes, your software needs to be able to support that change and will be able to do so if it was built to be open.

3.Web Enabled  Bringing the power of your security system to your users has its own set of challenges before the requirement of putting software on everyone's computer. Instead, consider the advantages offered with web support in your security system. With web support, accessing your security system is easy, and doesn't require you to download software. No computers that may not have need security software in the past can easily connect via the Web browser for fast and effective use.

4.Scalability  The ability to easily increase the amount of hardware and users can be a very important aspect of a security system. A system that grows to meet your needs for years to come will help you get the most out of your investment. When considering what your organization needs for expansion, look for a security system that is prepared for the many challenges that comes with more employees and bigger business. How many buildings, cities or continents will you cross with your security system?

5.Customization  A security system can usually do many things, but not all things. To get extra functionality from your security system, consider what needs to be configured and what needs to be customized. Specific hardware functions, alarm conditions and monitoring views are all a part of the security program and without them, the system cannot succeed. In addition, for a security system to provide true value to the customer it needs to have the ability to not be seen as a roadblock, but an enabler. Can the security system handle your next big security challenge, or will it get in the way?

Consider these five things when choosing your security system!

The content is presented by Tony Luce, Director, Lenel Systems International, North Asia, in the third Global Digital Surveillance Forum China (GDSF China), held in Shenzhen by A&S Group, from July 2 to 3.

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