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Airports Secured With Quality Technology
Submitted by Pelco, Siemens Building Technologies, Orad and Zenitel 2008/7/16

Security providers discuss how their solutions are deployed at airports around the World

Security providers discuss how their solutions are deployed at airports around the World

Ottawa Macdonald Cartier International Airport (Canada): Pelco

Injecting more than US$1.06 billion into the local economy annually and servicing the needs of millions of travelers each year, the Ottawa Macdonald Cartier International Airport Authority plays an essential role in the economic growth of the Canadian National Capital Region.

"Safety and security are key priorities for The Ottawa International Airport Authority," said Scott Boyle, Director of Information Technology and Communications for the Authority. "As such, all security systems and processes are of vital importance."

The Airport Authority turned to a Pelco Endura digital video security solution to protect its assets. The value of the airport facilities exceeds $500 million. This does not include aircraft and other equipment, not to mention the hundreds of employees and travelers.

"The Airport Authority opened its new terminal in 2003," said Mike Jamiesen, Pelco Manufacturer's Representative "During the building project, an integrated bundle of systems and services that included, but was not limited to, security systems was purchased and implemented."

The Airport Authority was the first airport in Canada to deploy the Endura system. Its IT department handled the design of the Pelco system, instead of the security department.

"As technology advances, more areas of the business are being implicated and brought into the IT spectrum," Boyle said. "As such, systems integration is becoming increasingly important for this organization, particularly given that it manages complex systems both internally and for customer groups within the airport."

Bangalore International Airport (India): The Siemens Division Building Technologies (BT)

The Siemens Division Building Technologies (BT) offers a portfolio of products and services tailored to the special needs of airports. The focus is on expertise in providing integrated building automation and building security (total building solutions). This approach offers extensive solutions and services for all building automation systems, such as products and systems ranging from primary distribution voltage to power socket, energy management systems, room automation systems to control of the HVAC (heating, ventilating, air conditioning) systems, fire protection, evacuation, access control, video surveillance and alarm management. Fully networked system domains keep capital expenditure and maintenance costs low and ensure secure, efficient operations.

Building Technologies was involved with an order volume of about $4.67 million. The installed systems include building automation for efficient HVAC-control, the fire detection system (with 1,800 smoke detectors and alarms points), access control system, video surveillance (60 digital cameras), intrusion detection, public address and evacuation system. All systems are integrated into a comprehensive management system, which indicates any alarm or incident to the security forces and enables efficient intervention.

Paphos and Larnaka International Airports (Cyprus): Orad

Orad, an Israeli company specializing in integrated advanced security and control systems, will install comprehensive security systems in two Cyprus international airports Paphos and Larnaka. The $4 million deal includes surveillance, an integrated security management system, and a central command and control system.

The two Cyprus airports will be outfitted with IP cameras covering indoor and outdoor zones of the terminals, video recording over IP, biometric access control and biometric logical access. All systems will be linked to a central command and control system. The combination of hardware and configurable software components will enable the airports to enforce tight security procedures.

All cameras, access control and central management software communicate over the airports' existing Ethernet, giving the security network complete broadband coverage across all areas. All digital signals will be online in real-time from any point around the airport. These benefits help link the security grid into one perfect system.

For years there had been a differentiation between physical and virtual security, but in today's converged security market, Orad enables combined secure identification for both physical access management and log-in access.

"Converged security incorporates an employee's identity in both physical and logical aspects," said Rami Zarchi, Head of the Engineering Division at Orad. "It is a combination of technologies such as smart cards and biometric means into one system of identity management."

Shanghai Pudong International Airport (China): Zentel

Shanghai Pudong International Airport (SPIA) is currently the sixth busiest air freight hub and a major international gateway into China and East Asia. The airport employs STENTOFON standard VoIP protocols for audio encoding and control, and utilizes standard IP protocols for video and data transmissions , providing an area-wide network or broadcast and communication system at four key locations: the Traffic Operation Center, the Airport Operation Center, the Gate Wing and Gate Check In.

The system is run by four IP exchanges connecting with Cisco CallManager PBX through four times 16 SIP trunk lines. Integration is also provided to an 800 m TETRA radio interface, the public network and PA. There are more than 200 IP substations in the AlphaCom E system it is possible to see the status of the stations as icons on a graphical user interface.

By fully integrating with Cisco CallManager, the AlphaCom E exchange is able to do group calls, hold a simplex conference, provide priority and support a graphical user interface.

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