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Asia 100: Taiwan Special
The Editorial Team 2008/1/22

a&s interviewed six Taiwanese security manufacturers to showcase their unique strengths in product development and company strategies. a&s interviewed six Taiwanese security manufacturers to showcase their unique strengths in product development and company strategies.


UniSVR  founded in 1999 by a group of experienced Taiwan high-tech expertshas its headquarters in Taiwan's prestigious Hsinchu Science-based Park with branches in Shanghai, Beijing and Taipei.

UniSVR's major product line  UniArgus  is an intelligent surveillance management system that offers superb centralized management of security devices to meet comprehensive surveillance requirements. UniArgus' unique feature of displaying multiple languages has led to penetration of international markets without additional R&D investment.

UniSVR combines a rich supply of IT talent and experience in managing large systems to provide business customers with multipleapplication platform software, which transforms data into useful, valuable information.

¨UniArgus,〃 said Anderson Tsai, Vice Director of the Integrated Service Division at UniSVR, ¨provides platform software with inherent flexibility and scalability of the new core network approach. This has resulted in an unprecedented rise in deployment of classical services as well as new ones, such as international transfers and Web applications.〃

According to Tsai, UniArgus provide s high-quality video monitoring and recording, proactive event management , accurate video playback and event search, full coverage upon request, and management of all events anywhere in the world. ¨Our open-architecture design,〃 he added, ¨supports analog camera and coaxial cable, seamlessly integrates with existing CCTV systems, and protects and leverages existing investments.〃

In 2007, UniSVR moved into providing value-added telecom services. Then, in 2008, as digital-home applications matured, demand for its interfaces increased.


Founded in 2004, NUUO is a surveillance solution provider. It has 30 employees, including those on top-notch R&D, reliable client-care service, and multicultural sales and marketing teams. ¨NUUO is committed to providing stable, high-performance digital surveillance systems,〃 said Troy Wu, Marketing Manager at NUUO. ¨As a security surveillance solution provider, NUUO offers three key functionalities: searches, alerts and patrols. Our innovative technology provides crystal-clear views to help our customers prevent damage and loss, while fighting crime and terrorism.〃

NUUO products are so user-friendly that, according to Wu, one of the companyˇs European distributors claimed that he could test out NUUOˇs entire software without reading the user manual. ¨NUUO moved much faster than the competition in integrating its products and services with those of major security device manufactures,〃 said Wu. ¨This makes NUUOˇs open-platform structure much more complete.〃

In 2008, NVR products are going to be the main R&D focus. In 2007, NVR accounted for roughly 6 percent of the market with DVRs at 94 percent. ¨While the market for NVRs is still in its infancy,〃 said Wu, ¨NUUO is set to ride the NVR wave as most vendors expect 2008 to be the year of the NVR.〃


GeoVision  a leading PC-based surveillance system provider  was given Frost & Sullivanˇs 2007 Industrial Technologies Award for Product Innovation of the Year in the category of digital video monitoring technology (Asia-Pacific) for its GV-1480 full-frame-rate, multifunctional, digital surveillance solution.

According to Frost & Sullivan, the award was bestowed on GeoVision for its excellence in new products and technologies within the digital surveillance industry as well as its innovation in a broad line of emerging products and technologies.

According to Frost & Sullivan Analyst Rashmi Sndararajan, while the market for video surveillance in Southeast Asia has not witnessed any noticeable technological breakthroughs in recent years, GeoVision has stood out through its pioneering of full-frame-rate, digital surveillance systems, and intelligent video analysis hardware and software enhancement technologies.

¨This prestigious award recognizes our R&D efforts,〃 said Alice Ko, Marketing Manager at GeoVision. ¨We offer our R&D staff a completely free working environment. The employees can come up with new concepts and innovation on their own. There are no rules or standard procedures blocking development of new designs.〃

According to Ko, the company is going to take advantage of its strong inhouse R&D capabilities to develop integration for future surveillance systems. ¨We are working on PC-based DVRs that offer better integration capabilities. Our new DVR, for example, integrates with access control and license plate recognition.〃


Zavio, founded in 2005, is a network video solution provider and manufacturer with R&D capabilities. The company has been working on voice over Internet protocol (VoIP), Wi-Fi and GSM mobile phone development. The R&D team has extensive experience with exceptional results for top mobile phone manufacturers.

Zavioˇs core technology lies in its ability to develop embedded systems, integrate networks, communication and multimedia streaming, and provide the most advanced circuit integration, platforms and wireless technology. Besides doing OEM and ODM for many major manufacturers worldwide, Zavio also has its own IP camera product lines targeting both professional surveillance and home users. These deliver high-quality, high-performance network video products for varied applications.

¨Our R&D capabilities, and extensive experience in software development and network video applications enable us to apply state-of-the-art technologies to our products,〃 said Shau-chau You, Product Manager at Zavio, ¨which together with our continuous pursuit of perfection guarantees high-quality, high-performance products.〃

With robust R&D capabilities, Zavio has launched the world's smallest IP camera LAN module (42 millimeters by 42 millimeters). The product advanced to the IFSEC awardˇs final list, making it the first and only LAN module on the market to fit into any CCTV housing. It has revolutionized the migration from analog CCTV to network video.

¨In 2008, one challenge will be to quickly develop an edge in IP surveillance, while facing decreasing prices and margins,〃 said You. Another will be to handle slow development or low popularity of important components such as mature H.264 solutions or progressive CCD camera modules.


Established in 1997, Huper Laboratories has been selling its products to more than 30 countries. As a professional DVR manufacturer, HuperLab realized that the key factors for today's success in the fast moving surveillance industry are reliability, easy of use, innovation, service, and capability for integration. Therefore, these have become the principles for the design, develop, and to market every product made by Huper Laboratories.

¨huperVision 4000,¨ said Jamie Wu, Marketing Manager at HuperLab, ¨is Huper Laboratories' advanced and extensive digital video surveillance system for large-scaled, or commercial securities, including retail, industry sites, public sectors, travel and transit spots, and warehousing, etc.〃 Wu pointed out that other than conventional DVR functions, huperVision 4000 offers more powerful and intelligent features in video content analysis, such as smart search and object detection, and PTZ camera auto tracking and direct control as well.

¨By using our huperVision, our customers have given us many positive feedbacks. Our customers told us our products prevent some terrorism events in U.K. and Thailand. Taking Thailand as an example, Thai police has caught the crimial who put bombs in public area through our huperVision 4000. We believe that DVRs do not need any fancy functions. What really matters is video quality. Only clear video quality and system stability are what people expect DVRs to have.〃

¨For 2008, with more and more network cameras using in surveillance, we predict that NVRs will become a major trend" said Wu. "NVR has been a hot topic for a period of time, but it used to be just too new to this niche security market. But with more adoption of network cameras, users have to face the traditional analog camera system with more network cameras coming into the system. Therefore, most vendors agree that NVR will find its stage in 2008.〃


ACTi  founded in 2003  is the technology leader in IP surveillance, focusing on multiple security surveillance market segments. ACTi's extensive technology innovations in the development of JPEG/MPEG-4 /H.264 have empowered ACTiˇs worldwide partners and customers to enjoy quality video performances from VGA up to Megapixel resolution at minimum bandwidth.

ACTiˇs extensive technology innovations in the development of JPEG/MPEG- 4/H. 2 6 4 ha s empowered ACTiˇs worldwide partners and customers to enjoy the quality video performances from VGA up to megapixel resolution at minimum bandwidth.

The core value of ACTi is the ability to develop, integrate and market complete end-to-end solutions for our clients in the IP surveillance market. ¨ACTiˇs technology advancements,〃 said Chenyu Liu, Sales Director at ACTi, ¨enable complete solution offerings to cover all segments of the security market. Not only offering the IP surveillance hardware such as IP cameras and video servers, all ACTi products are bundled with free management software; in addition to the rich selection of management applications offered by leading independent software vendors that support ACTi hardware.〃

¨With ACTi robust R&D and technology, we aim at high-end market sector. Being as an Asian manufacturer, we do not lower our vision scale. Low price is the typical stereotype to most of Asian manufacturers. But ACTi has been tried hard to revolutionize this typical image.〃 said Liu. ¨We offer high quality products with ongoing technology developments. We believe ACTi is leading the network camera market. We even showcased our next six-month innovations at ASIS, allowing our customers to realize what advanced technology and concept we have which really stunned most of vendors on the market.〃

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