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AmRoad tries to serve residential communities for the long run
John Liu 2018/2/2

Apartment buildings demand equipment and facilities that can be used for an extended period of time. Residents may also request more functionalities as time passes.Apartment buildings demand equipment and facilities that can be used for an extended period of time. Residents may also request more functionalities as time passes. To satisfy this market, AmRoad Technology has made a product line that can be scaled down the road to add functionalities per client demand.

AmRoad focuses on making intercoms for multi-dwelling units. The intercoms may have camera monitoring, door access, and facial or license plate recognition capabilities.

The company’s door access product initially has just the intercom functionality, but the capability to view surveillance camera footage was later integrated, so that homeowners don’t need a separate device like DVR to view the footage, said James Su, President of AmRoad Technology.

“With a robust infrastructure, Amroad’s products can be used for much longer, like 10-20 years. This is very important for apartment applications as replacing home equipment every 1-2 years is unreasonable,” Su added.

Amroad has thought everything through, so its product is designed to integrate various functionalities, Su said. “The infrastructure is technically designed in such way to enable all the functionalities to run on a common platform.”

The company has chosen residential communities as its target market. Community security is one of the most sought-after services, and the applications includes door access, home monitoring, home protection and saving lives.

The intercom allows residents to call patrol guards, connect to home doorbell remotely, and place SOS calls to their family members. The intercom also has a motion sensor for intrusion detection, as well as smoke detector for fire detection.

Smart home functions

AmRoad’s system infrastructure also has room for home automation enablement. The intercom will collect data and execute commands. It can collect data such as temperature and humidity and send commands to air conditioner upon intelligent computation in the cloud.

The intercom has been integrated with Amazon Alexa, is compatible with various protocols, and is able to integrate different hardware and software and execute commands.

Data analysis is performed in the backend where decision is made. The decision is then passed to the frontend for execution.

Talking about the product’s smart capabilities, Su said the infrastructure was developed with “the future trend” in mind, which is big data and AI. “We already had this idea when the system was first developed more than 10 years ago.”

The company’s clients consist mostly of homebuilders, and have made inroads in Indian and Japanese markets besides other Asian countries.

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