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Morpho plans for SourceID, new-concept radiation detection device
Morpho (Safran) 2014/6/27

Morpho is gearing up to launch SourceID, a handheld device for detecting and identifying sources of radioactive emissions.

Morpho is gearing up to launch SourceID, a handheld device for detecting and identifying sources of radioactive emissions. The new technology it utilizes will make it far more powerful than the devices currently in service. Lester Koga, Director of Strategy – Detection Division at Morpho, explains how it works.

What will make SourceID revolutionary?
What will make SourceID unique is that will utilize Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CZT) gamma-ray detectors, a crystal which makes it possible to identify the type of radioactive energy emitted with great precision. As a result, SourceID will be more accurate than other systems currently available. This is a crucial point because this high-level detection will considerably reduce the percentage of false alarms.
In a sea port, for example, in any one day we can detect the presence of hundreds of radioactive sources, some of which are perfectly natural: materials such as clay, cat litter and bananas emit radiation. Industrial and medical equipment can also emit radiation. So it is extremely useful to be able to tell precisely what types of sources the radiation detected are coming from.
With its sensors and the algorithms developed by Morpho, SourceID will be the first radiation detection and identification device capable of providing three-dimensional directional data in real time. This will make it possible to quickly locate the sources of radioactive radiation, especially in challenging environments.

Why are the authorities particularly interested in this product?
The threat of nuclear terrorism is taken very seriously today. The authorities are afraid that terrorists could make radiological "dirty bombs" by surrounding conventional explosives with radioactive materials. Not to mention the risk of having a working nuclear weapon in circulation.

This product represents a totally new field of action for Morpho
That's right. SourceID ushers in a new technology, a new market and a new prospective customer base. And that's what makes this project so exciting. In order to offer future customers the best possible product, we have taken great care over the ergonomics, ease of use and overall quality of the device, which is suitable for use in any circumstance.

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