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US Grocery Store Deploys Agilence Analytics to Combat Losses
Agilence 2010/10/15

Grocer minimizes shrink with chain-wide roll-out of Agilence’s Hawkeye PoS video auditing solution Grocer minimizes shrink with chain-wide roll-out of Agilence's Hawkeye PoS video auditing solution

Agilence, a provider of point-of-sale (PoS) video auditing solutions, announced San Francisco-based grocer, Draeger's Markets has improved profit margins by leveraging Agilence's Hawkeye solution in all of their locations.

Draeger's first implemented Agilence in the second quarter of 2009. By the end of fiscal year 2009 (Dec. 31), Draeger's realized an ROI of more than 20 times their initial investment — highlighting the program's effectiveness in quickly reducing PoS losses.

“There's a famous business axiom that says you cannot measure what you do not know — Agilence enables us to see the margin-robbing activities that were once unknown to us, and gives us a way to track and measure the effectiveness of the correction,” said Richard Draeger, President and CEO for Draeger's Markets. “It all boils down to the positive impact to margin.”

Agilence's patented PoS Video Auditing Software, Hawkeye, pulls data directly from the point-of-sale system and synchronizes it with video in real-time. The data for each individual item scan and key punch is perfectly linked to its associated video image. The instantly visible video for each suspect line-item enables retailers to view 50 times more transactions per day, allowing them to detect issues immediately and before they cause considerable shrink.

“Our unique ability to synchronize point-of-sale data with corresponding video enables retailers like Draeger's to identify operational, promotional and fraudulent shrink activities that directly affect bottom lines. As a result, retailers see a substantial ROI within only a few months,” said Derek Rodner, VP of Product Strategy at Agilence. “In less than a year, we also helped Draeger's correct problems in the supply chain that ultimately create margin gaps at the PoS.”

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