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Research and Markets Finds 2010 UK Access Control Market Down
Research and Markets 2010/7/27

Research and Markets added the "Access Control Market Report 2010" report to their offering.

Research and Markets added the "Access Control Market Report 2010" report to their offering.

The authors estimate that the UK market for physical access control was worth US$304 million at current end-user prices in 2009, a 5-percent reduction on 2008, although a 12.6-percent increase on 2005. Key note’s estimates include systems installation and maintenance, as well as the cost of hardware and software.

This report covers the control of access to a site, building or area, rather than access to data or computer networks. The products included in this market are: audio and video entryphones; keypad systems; card- and token-based access-control systems, including Wiegand cards, magnetic-stripe cards, barcode cards, proximity systems, long-range/hands-free systems, systems to control vehicle access, smart cards and dual-function cards; and biometric systems. Systems may include more than one technology for added security. Smart cards are among the faster-growing segments of the UK access-control market.

Demand for access-control systems is dependent on a number of factors, including the strength of business investment, construction output and new construction orders. In 2009, the recession significantly affected all three of these measures, with private-sector commercial construction output, for example, falling by more than a quarter. Price competition in the access-control sector is also reported to have become more intense in 2009 as suppliers competed for contracts. Together, these factors contributed to the decline in the value of the access-control market in 2009.

The number of notifiable criminal offences recorded by the police in Great Britain has been falling for a number of years. Despite this, security remains a key investment for UK businesses. Civil liberties are, however, an important issue for the

Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition government in the UK and the regulation of CCTV has been cited as one of the new government’s key priorities. Legislation that limits the use of surveillance could have implications for the access-control sector.

In the long term, the ongoing need for protection against crime should ensure that there is continued growth in the UK access-control market. Short-term economic factors may hamper the potential for market recovery in 2010 but, as economic growth returns, the rate of expansion is forecast to rise. Also expected to feature further in the market is the trend towards the integration of security technologies, whereby access control and other security systems are combined to provide total security solutions.

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