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Research and Markets Provides Report on RFID Applications
Research and Markets 2010/7/20

Research and Markets added the report "RFID Case Studies Knowledgebase The largest in the World" to their offering.

Research and Markets added the report "RFID Case Studies Knowledgebase The largest in the World" to their offering.

The variety of case studies in this Knowledgebase is a salutary reminder that, although the supply chain is seen as ultimately the biggest application for RFID, the less hyped applications such as Libraries & Archiving, Passenger & Personal Transportation, and Health care are moving ahead extremely rapidly. This is a searchable electronic database, with many links and slide presentations, by far the largest available.
It is categorized into 13 different application areas, each with a summary of that particular area and key statistics related to it. The applications areas are:

Airlines and Airports
Animals and Farming
Financial and Security
Land and Sea Logistics
Libraries and archiving
Passenger Transport

Each case study has a summary of key parameters, including location, partner companies, technologies used (tag type, frequency), status and major benefits and more. A comprehensive description then follows, which discusses the strengths and weaknesses of each project, and provides expert interpretation of this data. In addition, clicking on a company name will take you through to a profile of the company, including contact details.

The knowledgebase is fully searchable by many parameters including company, country, tag type, application area etc.

The RFID Knowledgebase now includes RFID forecasts from 2007 to 2012 taken from previous RFID Forecasts, Players & Opportunities 2007 to 2017, which analyzes the industry in many different ways.

The RFID Knowledgebase is about 100 times the size of any alternative. Unlike most other collections of RFID case studies, this one is unbiased and it contains very little company publicity, because this can be misleading. Where company press releases etc are included it is made clear what these are, so they can be distinguished from independent commentary.

The purpose of the Knowledgebase is to give guidance to subscribers on a very wide range of aspects of RFID in action and some quantitative indications. For example, a user can check what work a supplier has already done and whether that application, say tagging guns has been done before and what the lessons are. One can get an indication of which countries are adopting RFID fastest and which have done most so far. Which frequencies are used for which application? Which sectors are most active? Is read write or read only dominant and why? The answers to all these questions and more are to be found in this rapidly evolving resource.

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